Makarimi Abdullah

Makarimi Abdullah

Makarimi Abdullah
Here in my area still in raining season...nothing much i can do...and it's remind me about this lyrics...

I'm sitting here in the boring room
It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon
I'm wasting my time
I got nothing to do
I'm hanging around
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens and I wonder...

So nothing I can's ruin all my planning today. Nothing i snap some picture after that...ahaa...something special today ;-)

Cheer me up...recharge my positive! I'm happy...very happy!
Because I wait sooo long to see this...

This is the first flower bloom...not one...but three flowers. I bought it on 15 March 2008 from  seedling. It is species cattleya...selected flower and imported from Taiwan. I bought last time ~RM150, the plant just 5 pseudo bulb with the biggest one...only 1 inch. Almost 3 years it's that great! It's worth it...the shape and color very nice, even for 1st flower. Maybe it will be more good for next flower!
Cattleya nobilior 'amalie'...cheer up my day!

Here is another flower...which is very easy to bloom...and never fail to have flower for each new shoot. There are another 5 flowers will bloom for the next 7 days from now in the same pots. So I can prepare for Penang Orchid Show.

To all readers...Happy Sunday....recharge your mood, recharge your energy...Monday will be the next week will start again. Hope you will have good energy and good mood to start a new week.

Makarimi Abdullah
Hi, to all readers.

Quite long time I'm not updating and checking my blog due to celebration of Eid-adha. Before Eid-adha, I bought some orchid from genus phalaenopsis. One of my favorite orchid genus!  This genus also known as butterfly orchid among the collectors. Why is butterfly? I also not so sure....may be because of the shape is most likely the butterfly. I agree with them...especially Phalaenopsis amabilis and Phalaenopsis schilleriana.

Coincidentally Ia already bought new plants of phalaenopsis, so i can show how I replant my orchids. Previously I already posted, how I replant my orchid for genus cattleya. May be this post can give you an idea or guide to replant your orchid.

The picture below shows what you need to replant this orchid genus.

1. Sphagnum moss
2. Water
3. Pot/ Fern bark
4. Small rope
5. Phalaenopsis orchid

- Soak the sphagnum moss in the water. Here to ensure the moss is wet enough. This genus needs more moisture media, so we need to soak the sphagnum moss in the water. The moisture for the media will encourage the roots growth.

Sphagnum moss

Soak the sphagnum moss in the water
- Take a small portion to put it on the fern bark or in the pot. If you want to use a pot, please ensure the pot you hang is tilted. The reason why we need to do this, because to avoid water trap in the center of the young leave. If this happen,the leave will rot.
Small portion of wet sphagnum moss

Wet Sphagnum moss on the fern bark

Tilted hanging pot

Small portion of wet sphagnum moss in the tilted pot

- Put the orchid on the sphagnum moss.

The orchid must put on the wet sphagnum moss up side down, to avoid water trapped in the young leave

- Cover up the roots with wet sphagnum moss, this is to ensure the roots not too dry. This genus really need moisture media to grow heatlthy.

- Tie up the orchid with small rope to the fern bark or pot.

- The orchid is ready to hang under the shades or under the tree. The environment for this type of genus should be airy and 80% of shades or more depends on the species or hybrid. Keep the media moisture enough to encourage the roots growth.

I would like to welcome my new Orchid  Friend - Valeria Rinaldo from Sao Paulo,Brazil with her Orquídeas Flores Perfeitas blog to my Orchid de Dangau.  Thanks Valeria for being my 20th friend here.

Happy gardening and good luck!
Makarimi Abdullah
This monthly show for November was held @ Taman Tasik Taping, Taiping Perak on 14 Nov 2010 from 9.00am - 2.00pm. This show was organized by Taiping Orchid Society. There are more than 100 orchid plants entered this monthly show.

My partner and I just brought only 10 orchids plants today...normally  more than 15 plants. Preparation for this show was quite rush, because we got the newsletter 1 week before the show. Anyway, we tried our best to prepare the best orchid plants we have to this show.

We departed from my house in Kepala Batas, Penang, around 8.40am and arrived there around 10.40am. The classification and judging start on 11.20am onwards.

Our plants only won 4 prizes in 4 categories, but it's ok for us, the main point for us to support the society.
The Best Plant of the Show is Lc. Hawaian Treat, with more than 8 spikes and have more than 30 flowers. It's quite presentable even it's not perfect. The Best Reserve Plant was crowned to Trichocentrum 'hybrid' with 4 spikes and more than 100 flowers. This plants cannot get the best plant of the show because the arrangement is too crowded and the color also not so contrast and presentable.