Makarimi Abdullah
Last year on 18 February 2010, I start blogging in Orchid de Dangau. Time running so fast, now already 1 year I keep updating my blog. I still not believe that, I still survive in the blogsphere. I start from zero, not have any knowledge about this blog world. Slowly I learn form other blog, Google and some reference note in the internet.

I start this blog by using Malay language (national language), then on August onwards I try to converted to English language part by part. For the first few months I stop blogging, because I don't have any idea to post it. At that time also I'm quite busy with my post degree study. English is not my mother tongue. I try to build my confidence by reading others blog and it helps me a lot.

I know and read a lot of orchid blogs through the net, and finally I found one directory which connecting the world of orchids through This page helps me a lot to know orchid collectors, nurseries,  enthusiast and admires around the world. Also from here, I got many ideas to set my journey in this blogsphere. Thanks Mr Wendell Kozak by putting my blog in  on 12 August 2010. 

End of August 2010 I read about then I found many friends from around the world share their idea and  interest about gardening. I'm very excited. I start search friends from every part of the world and my country. From here I know them mutually. The 1st friend I click through here is  Carol - Flower Hill Farm , she always 1st in the popular list ;-), then I found   Autumn Belle - My Nice Garden blogger  from Malaysia,  then one by one blog I explore deeply. It's help me a lot to seize the garden world ; and at least give me spirit and idea to keep updating my blog. Everybody have their own interest, sometimes it is more than I imagine. Then on 6 September 2010, my blog was listed in this amazing

Thanks to all friends, all readers and also all the follower, you means so much to me. I really  do appreciate your supports. You are my inspiration! All of you keep me 'alive' in this blogsphere.

Since now, I received more than 200 comments, 3082 hits, 36 followers, 2077 unique visitors from 70 countries. May be it's not so many compare to others blog...but for me is more than enough.  I really appreciate all the readers and visitors. Once again THANKS SO MUCH for your support.

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11 Responses
  1. mohdfarazi Says:

    Congratulation.. Happy 1st Anniversary..

  2. Congratulations on your 1st Blogversary..
    Im so glad that I have found your blog on orchids and all of your stories are so interesting.
    Continue to keep writing more and share your garden experience.

  3. Thanks for your email.
    I have replied and got few more questions.
    Please check and let me know your suggestions.
    Appreciate your answer very much.
    Thanks so much!!!!

  4. Congratulation on your 1st blog anniversary. For me, blogging has open up a lot of opportunity to meet wonderful people.

  5. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! Congratulations! Cheers! Here's to another year of great blogging!

  6. Ron Says:

    Congratulations on this anniversary and thank you for the nice series of pictures you've posted. You grow suchy a wonderful variety of orchids.

  7. fer Says:

    Congratulations on your achievement! I hope you will post for many more years!

  8. Carol Says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful orchids and learning more about them. Many happy years of blogging in the years to come.

  9. Carol Says:

    I am so sorry to have missed this post! Thank you for mentioning my blog! I am so glad you decided to join Blotanical. Be sure to link this to Stuart to receive your RED Star! You are a treasured addition to the community! Gorgeous orchids photographed here! Wow!

  10. Thanks too all for your wishes, support and nice words ;) I really appreciate it!

  11. Happy First Blogaversary! A year of blogging is like a decade in a human child's life ;~) I would rather read your blog in your English, than the instant machine translation, which gives me a vague idea what you wrote about. Your English, tells me what you said. Much better!! PS I leave fractured German comments on German blogs, it's the thought that counts not the grammar.