Makarimi Abdullah
Melalui minggu yang terlalu sibuk dengan pelbagai aktiviti...orkid yang berkembang di taman dapat mengurangkan tekanan dan memberi kegembiraan. Sebahagian orkid yang berkembang minggu ini di OdD ;-)

I'm too busy with so many activities this week...orchids bloom in the garden lighten up my day. Here is some orchids bloom at OdD ;-) 
Lc Marry Song

Lc Unknown

Blc Sangob Delight

Blc Memoria Anna Balmores

Bl Morning Glory
Cattleya percivaliana 'summit'
Cattleya Monte Elegante 'New Port'

Brassavola David Sander
Coryanthes verrucolineata

Dendrobium (farmeri x crhysotoxum)

Catasetum tigrinum
Dendrobium hamaticalcar

Angraecum eichlerianum

Bulbophyllum sp. unknown...ID please

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it ~ unknown
This post I dedicate and welcome to my new Orchid Friend -  Silene Moraes from  Brazil to my Orchid de Dangau. Thanks Silene Moraes for being my 62nd friend here. I really appreciate your support.
Makarimi Abdullah
One time is not enough for me and my colleagues, so many things with so little time, make us really miss this WOC. So we decided to visit again this 20th WOC at the last day on 20th November 2011.Otherwise we should wait another 3 years @ Johannesburg, South Africa on 2014. We still don't know, we can afford to go there or not, 2nd visit to WOC is the best chance that we don't want to let go.
The best thing ever for our 2nd visit is we can bargain for the orchid plants... ;-) With small $$$$ we can buy a lots of orchids ;-) Really worth it! I will update later what we got from this WOC. Here are more pictures we captured in this event.

Phalaenopsis display for display area competition

Renanethera, Mokara and Vanda on display
Paphinia hererae
Paphinia Majestic

Tycopus secunda

Phragmipedium lindleyanum

Cattleya walkeriana semi alba

Oncidium (Incapsum x Torpesca) x Alexandrae

Zygopetalum (Tatachilla 'Paradise Island x Freestyle Meadows 'Tiya)

Zygopetalum (Big Country 'Eyre' x Annie Quest 'Black Velvet')

Zygopetalum Freestyle Meadows 'Dini Gemstone'

Spathoglottis hybrid

Dendrobum hybrid

Dendrobium Cherry Song 'mutation'

Makarimi Abdullah
After you entered the main entrance at this WOC hall, it is like you are enter to the magical orchid world. The landscape decoration welcoming you! With more than 50 landscape decoration, it gives magical effect to this 20th WOC. Orchids Society of Papua New Guinea, who won the Best Display for 100 sqm landscape are welcome you at the beautiful with more than hundreds of orchids varieties. Malaysia won the 2nd Best for 30 sqm landscape and was presented by Sabah  Tourism Board. Not just that, there are also have decoration for window view and table decoration. Besides that, Orchids and Ikebana are taken place very near to  the landscape creative and very beautiful.
As normal in any Orchid show, there are also have the orchid competition, I don't know how many classes there offered, but so many. It is quite difficult to count and find, because they keep it in many display area. Not just that there are also have so many choices of orchids to choose in market place and 20th WOC souvenirs. Last and not least...this WOC will end on 20th November and South Africa will be the host for the next 3 years. So hurry a visit malaysian....Singapore just around the corner :)

Landscape decorations

Landscape 100 sqm - Orchid Society of PNG

Orchid Society of PNG - Grand Champion 100sqm landscape

Nagoya International Orchid Show Organising Committee - Reserve Champion 50 sqm

Landscape deco from New Zealand

Malaysia booth with 30 sqm category -  Reserve Champion

Orchid and Ikebana

Market Places

Far East Agriculture - Malaysia

Ecuagenera - Ecuador

Peruflora - Peru

Mundiflora - Ecuador
Grand Champion - Cyd. Taiwan Gold

Reserve Champion - Paph. Gloria Naugle

You get educated by traveling ~ Solange Knowles
Makarimi Abdullah
I went to WOC Singapore on 13th Nov 2011, first day of the conference. Not much I can say here, it is wordless after I entered the main many orchids I have seen in a single show and competition.  So many varieties, colorful, fantastic, stunning and many more to say here ;) You will understand if you be there. There are so sections to visit, from orchid landscaping, orchids and ikebana,  orchid in terrarium and many more. Market place??? So many...don't know which one to choose...from cool to intermediate to warm climate orchids, from  Asia to South America, in other words...there are so many :) Here are some pictures captured during arrival at Changi Airport and the part I of WOC 2011 post ;)

Landscape decoration @ Changi Airport, Singapore
 Welcoming the visitor with presentable phalaenopsis hybrid decoration.

WOC 2011, tickets...Weekends ticket SGD20
4 of us went to this conference...maybe one in a lifetime :)

The entrance to the WOC 2011

Display at the hallway to the main entrance WOC
Along the hallway to the main entrance,there are full of white orchids and this magical effects very beautiful.The mood really calm and peaceful...

This post will be continue :)
Makarimi Abdullah
Hari ini cukup istimewa bagi kebanyakan individu. Ada yang memilih untuk berkahwin, bertunang dan juga melahirkan anak. Bagi OdD, tiada apa yang istimewa sangat...cuma biasa-biasa aja. Walaupun begitu nak juga abadikan sesuatu di sini sempena tarikh keramat ini dengan catatan yang tak seberapa. Berikut adalah orkid-orkid yang berkembang pada tarikh istimewa ini.

Lc Kyle

Blc Lovely Bangkok

Epidendrum paniculatum

Slc. Little Fairy

Catasetum hybrid - female flower

Rodriguezia batemanii
A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love ~ Max Muller

This post I dedicate and welcome to my new Orchid Friend -  Mr. Khairi (tangan sejuk) from  Selangor, Malaysia with his blog Triang Botanical Valley to my Orchid de Dangau. Thanks Khairi for being my 61st friend here. I really appreciate your support.