Makarimi Abdullah
One time is not enough for me and my colleagues, so many things with so little time, make us really miss this WOC. So we decided to visit again this 20th WOC at the last day on 20th November 2011.Otherwise we should wait another 3 years @ Johannesburg, South Africa on 2014. We still don't know, we can afford to go there or not, 2nd visit to WOC is the best chance that we don't want to let go.
The best thing ever for our 2nd visit is we can bargain for the orchid plants... ;-) With small $$$$ we can buy a lots of orchids ;-) Really worth it! I will update later what we got from this WOC. Here are more pictures we captured in this event.

Phalaenopsis display for display area competition

Renanethera, Mokara and Vanda on display
Paphinia hererae
Paphinia Majestic

Tycopus secunda

Phragmipedium lindleyanum

Cattleya walkeriana semi alba

Oncidium (Incapsum x Torpesca) x Alexandrae

Zygopetalum (Tatachilla 'Paradise Island x Freestyle Meadows 'Tiya)

Zygopetalum (Big Country 'Eyre' x Annie Quest 'Black Velvet')

Zygopetalum Freestyle Meadows 'Dini Gemstone'

Spathoglottis hybrid

Dendrobum hybrid

Dendrobium Cherry Song 'mutation'

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2 Responses
  1. orchideya Says:

    The ink purple on those zygopetalums looks incredible. Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Some very cool flowers here.
    Craig Ohio Outdoors