Makarimi Abdullah
After you entered the main entrance at this WOC hall, it is like you are enter to the magical orchid world. The landscape decoration welcoming you! With more than 50 landscape decoration, it gives magical effect to this 20th WOC. Orchids Society of Papua New Guinea, who won the Best Display for 100 sqm landscape are welcome you at the beautiful with more than hundreds of orchids varieties. Malaysia won the 2nd Best for 30 sqm landscape and was presented by Sabah  Tourism Board. Not just that, there are also have decoration for window view and table decoration. Besides that, Orchids and Ikebana are taken place very near to  the landscape creative and very beautiful.
As normal in any Orchid show, there are also have the orchid competition, I don't know how many classes there offered, but so many. It is quite difficult to count and find, because they keep it in many display area. Not just that there are also have so many choices of orchids to choose in market place and 20th WOC souvenirs. Last and not least...this WOC will end on 20th November and South Africa will be the host for the next 3 years. So hurry a visit malaysian....Singapore just around the corner :)

Landscape decorations

Landscape 100 sqm - Orchid Society of PNG

Orchid Society of PNG - Grand Champion 100sqm landscape

Nagoya International Orchid Show Organising Committee - Reserve Champion 50 sqm

Landscape deco from New Zealand

Malaysia booth with 30 sqm category -  Reserve Champion

Orchid and Ikebana

Market Places

Far East Agriculture - Malaysia

Ecuagenera - Ecuador

Peruflora - Peru

Mundiflora - Ecuador
Grand Champion - Cyd. Taiwan Gold

Reserve Champion - Paph. Gloria Naugle

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3 Responses

  1. Malar Says:

    Amazing! It look like heaven for all the Orchid lovers out there!

  2. orchideya Says:

    So envious that you could be there! Thanks for sharing the pictures.