Makarimi Abdullah
I went to WOC Singapore on 13th Nov 2011, first day of the conference. Not much I can say here, it is wordless after I entered the main many orchids I have seen in a single show and competition.  So many varieties, colorful, fantastic, stunning and many more to say here ;) You will understand if you be there. There are so sections to visit, from orchid landscaping, orchids and ikebana,  orchid in terrarium and many more. Market place??? So many...don't know which one to choose...from cool to intermediate to warm climate orchids, from  Asia to South America, in other words...there are so many :) Here are some pictures captured during arrival at Changi Airport and the part I of WOC 2011 post ;)

Landscape decoration @ Changi Airport, Singapore
 Welcoming the visitor with presentable phalaenopsis hybrid decoration.

WOC 2011, tickets...Weekends ticket SGD20
4 of us went to this conference...maybe one in a lifetime :)

The entrance to the WOC 2011

Display at the hallway to the main entrance WOC
Along the hallway to the main entrance,there are full of white orchids and this magical effects very beautiful.The mood really calm and peaceful...

This post will be continue :)
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  1. That first photo is really beautiful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens