Makarimi Abdullah
ming at OdDA lots of orchids blooming this week, it is like a spring @ Orchid de Dangau. Even here the spring is around the year, but this month and next month the garden have more orchid blooming compare with other month in year. Here are some orchids blooming this week.

Rhycostylish retusa

Cattelya percivaliana 'summit'

Brasanthe Maikai x Blc Haadyai delight

Rlc. Memoria Anna Balmores 'convex'

Potinara free spirit

Blc alma kee

Lc netrasiri doll

Lc capri 'lea'

Eplc Joseph Roman 'Roman holiday'

Dendrobium (nelly slade x macophyllum)

Encylia profusa - the whole spike

Encylia profusa - close up

Encyclia profusa - close up

Makarimi Abdullah
Rhrds. Bangkok Sunset

Encyclia Oncidioides

Encyclia Oncidioides

Hawkinsara sogo doll 'mutation'

Lc Capri lea

Blc Unknwon - ID please

Rlc. Greenwich 'Elmhurst

Lc Varut Startrack

Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit'

Lc Rojo

Brassavola perrinii

Schromburgkia tibicinis - with 8 flower spikes

Schromburgkia tibicinis
Tillandsia stricta
Makarimi Abdullah
It is quite long time, i'm not updating this blog. Always busy with routine life. Almost three weeks i'm not visit my own blog. So sorry for to all my readers.
The first post for this month...hope not the last. I will try my best to allocate my time more frequently to update this blog.
Here I just want to update the last Orchid Show which held at Taping Lake Garden on 1st May 2011.
Once again in this show I won Best plant of the show, from my Grammathophyllum Yuan nan Tiger, and also big winning for me and my partner in this show. Attached here with are some pictures on that show for you to enjoy.

Taiping Lake Garden

Show  Venue

Best Plant of the Show
Rhyncostylish Retusa

Rodriguezia Lanceolata

Cattleya Pluepit Crown

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Laelia Purpurata

Bulb Lion King

Encylia tampensis 'albolabia' var mandellii

Encylia tempensis