Makarimi Abdullah
ming at OdDA lots of orchids blooming this week, it is like a spring @ Orchid de Dangau. Even here the spring is around the year, but this month and next month the garden have more orchid blooming compare with other month in year. Here are some orchids blooming this week.

Rhycostylish retusa

Cattelya percivaliana 'summit'

Brasanthe Maikai x Blc Haadyai delight

Rlc. Memoria Anna Balmores 'convex'

Potinara free spirit

Blc alma kee

Lc netrasiri doll

Lc capri 'lea'

Eplc Joseph Roman 'Roman holiday'

Dendrobium (nelly slade x macophyllum)

Encylia profusa - the whole spike

Encylia profusa - close up

Encyclia profusa - close up

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