Makarimi Abdullah
Just update what blooming in Orchid de Dangau since last week and this week. Hopefully I have more orchid bloom for next week and after next week for orchid show in Perlis and Penang.
Even though, there is Orchid Show in Ipoh, I think I cannot enter as participant. It is quite far for me to travel twice, for entering the show (27 June) and removal the plant (3 July). But I still can go there as a visitor and shoots some amazing pictures and share with all of you here.  FYI, the distance between Ipoh, Perak and Kepala Batas, Butterworth is around 200km. I will update this blog accordingly.
Now, enjoy what I have captured in my garden ;)

Potinara Free Spirit 'Lea'

Blc. Haadyai Delight

Slc. Little Fairy 'all victory'

Eplc. Joseph Roman Roman Holiday'

Blc. (Lucky Strike x Pink Diamond)

Lc Unknown...ID please!

Blc. Chong Guu Swan

Bc. Vida Lee

Epc. Don Herman

Lc unknown...ID please!

Asco. Happy Christie

Asco. Suksamran Sunlight
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2 Responses
  1. klaraau01 Says:

    Thank you for showing these beauties, they are spectacular!

  2. Klaraau01> Thanks for commenting ;)