Makarimi Abdullah
More than 20 years I spend my free time for gardening, especially planting and collecting orchids. Many of my friends admire my orchids, and I really appreciate that. It is not an easy job to ensure all my orchid in perfect beauty all the time.Sometimes it is too hard for me, not because of the time constrain, but the enemies!
I have lot of enemies in my garden, more than you can imagine.
FYI, I have more than 1000 pots, for sure it is very different treatment/ way I should take. Hopefully, this reason will not demotivate you to plant orchid in your garden! Orchid de Dangau is located near to rice field, bushes and beside the poultry farm (if interested you can read Dangau Poultry Farm)so for sure the enemies is different from your garden!
Here i list down what I should facing all the way to maintain the beauties of my orchid.
1. Chickens and turkeys
2. Monkeys
3. Rats
4. Skink (Mengkarung)
5. Hornet (Tebuan) - Vespa tropica
6. Achatina fulica (siput babi)
7. Chinese rice grasshopper & yellow locust (belalang hijau & belalang kunyit)
8. Birds (sparrow) [Burung pipit]
9. Squrriel (tupai rumah)
10. Insects (most common) - the big challenge for me is orchid weevil (kumbang gajah/kumbang tanduk), other: spider mite, thrips, whitefly, ant, mealybug
11. Fungus (most common)

I will story more details, how these enemies influence to my orchid plants and flowers in future post.
(P/S: I quote the pictures by link the caption)

Skink (Mengkarung)
Hornet (tebuan) - Vespa tropica
Achatina fulica (siput babi)
Chinese rice grasshopper

Yellow locust
Sparrow (Anthus Spp)
Squirrel (Tupai)
Orchid weevil

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