Makarimi Abdullah
Melalui minggu yang terlalu sibuk dengan pelbagai aktiviti...orkid yang berkembang di taman dapat mengurangkan tekanan dan memberi kegembiraan. Sebahagian orkid yang berkembang minggu ini di OdD ;-)

I'm too busy with so many activities this week...orchids bloom in the garden lighten up my day. Here is some orchids bloom at OdD ;-) 
Lc Marry Song

Lc Unknown

Blc Sangob Delight

Blc Memoria Anna Balmores

Bl Morning Glory
Cattleya percivaliana 'summit'
Cattleya Monte Elegante 'New Port'

Brassavola David Sander
Coryanthes verrucolineata

Dendrobium (farmeri x crhysotoxum)

Catasetum tigrinum
Dendrobium hamaticalcar

Angraecum eichlerianum

Bulbophyllum sp. unknown...ID please

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it ~ unknown
This post I dedicate and welcome to my new Orchid Friend -  Silene Moraes from  Brazil to my Orchid de Dangau. Thanks Silene Moraes for being my 62nd friend here. I really appreciate your support.
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2 Responses

  1. orchideya Says:

    Beautiful flowers. I have small plant of Bc. Morning Glory. Now looking at your picture I can't wait for mine to bloom.