Makarimi Abdullah
One of my favorite cattleya and free flowering. I bought her last 3 years with about 6 bulbs. Really easy to grow and easy to flower. Since now already more than 10 times she flowered. The special thing for this time, she blooms with 3 flowers, normally just 2 flowers. I got 3 variant of this cattleya, but this one have the biggest and bright color.

The common name for this cattleya is Lady Ackland's, the english enthusiast ~ 1800's.  This is a dwarf cattleya and native to Brazil.  Very tolerant to the environment and can be direct to sunlight. Have fragrant flower, waxy and long lasting ~ 2 weeks at my environment. The flower size is normally ~ 6 - 10 cm, currently my flower is  ~ 9.5 cm.

The earth laughs in flowers ~ unknown
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  1. Uniknya nampak macam kulit leopard. Very striking!

  2. Orkid La Says:

    Cantek tuan. Bila mai KL?