Makarimi Abdullah
Recently orchids blooming in my garden this week.

Blc. Eagle Eye 'All Victory'

Cattleya lueddemanniana 'rubra haidee'

Potinara Hoku Gem

Potinara Thiti 'Chanchai Gold'

Cattleya nobilior 'amaliae'

Lc. Rojo

Blc. Chyong Guu Swan

Ett. Volcano Trick

Bc. Green Dragoon

Cattleya labiata 'rubra castro'

Otaara Hwa Yuan She Shu (Lctna. Peggy San x Blc. Sunset Bay)
Encyclia alata

Maxillaria nasuta
Encyclia tampensis 'albolabia'

Christensonia vietnamica

Phalaenopsis bellina

Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth's lips spoken without sound. ~ EDWIN CURRAN 

This post I dedicate and welcome to my Orchid Friend -  K Mar from Malaysia to my Orchid de Dangau. Thanks K Mar for being my 68th friend here. I really appreciate your support.
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5 Responses
  1. Blog da Bete Says:

    Parabéns pelas plantas, todas maravilhosas

    abraços e uma boa noite

  2. Zahrul Says:

    menariknya bc green dragon

  3. klaraau01 Says:

    Thank you for showing all of these beauties!

  4. Antonio Says:

    that blooms wonder .... I have time Christensonia vietnamica and I have not flowered, plant a delight!

  5. Dya Says:

    where did you buy that Bc green dragon? i want one.. :)