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It is really long time I'm not updating this blog, mostly about 6 months...ermmm half year already.

I already move to Lumut with new company and new environment...alwayz busy with many things...
Just confirmed my position so quite secured and have a bit time to update this blog...hahahaa

So sorry fellas...
Actually there are many materials to update...just my time too constrains....

Last 1st March...just 6 months I worked with new company and I celebrate my confirmation by hiking Mount Kinabalu...

So hiking and snapped the pictures...the thing i like the are some pictures along the way to low peak of Mount Kinabalu.

Starting point @ Mensilau trail
Waterfall along the way...really cool
Another varian Bulbophyllum membranifolium

Whole plant of Bulbophyllum membranifolium
Eria hyacinthoides in-situ

Eria hyacinthoides plant in-situ an air plant at elevation more than 2500m

Bulbophyllum membranifolium : in- situ

Eria robusta in-situ, grow well at elevation more than 2000m
Eria floribunda : close -up
Clump of Eria floribunda at elevation ~1500m
Canopy tree at 2000m ++ elevetaion

Elevation at ~ 2300m

Walking through the clouds at elevation ~2300m

Me elevation ~ 2500m ;)

Labanrata rest cool at elevation ~3000m

Low Peak at the back of Labanrata rest house

Sunrise at elevation ~3700m

Beautiful sunrise at elevation ~3700m

Really near to Low Peak Summit of  Mount Kinabalu

Nice scene ... Summit of Mount Kinabalu

Walking the summit trail to Low Peak
At last...arrived the Low peak Mount Kinabalu...4095.2 meter
Life is either great adventure or nothing - Helen Keller
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  1. Yea la.. orang tu sempat bergambar kat puncak.. :P

  2. hahaaa...ada bran ...jom next year via ferata pula ;-)