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Good day to all readers,

There are more than 100 plants compete in this bi-monthly show, with more than 25 participants. 

Here are the details of the show and few pictures updates:

Penang Bi-Monthly Orchid Show 2015 - August 2015 
Date: 2nd August 2015
Venue: Botanical Garden, Penang 

Time: 10am - 5pm 
Organisers: Federation of Malaya Orchid Society (FOMOS) 

Best Plant of the Show: Vanda Robert's Delight
Close-up: Vanda Robert's Delight
Reserve Best Plant : Catasetum Denticulatum x Catasetum Penang 

Close-up: Catasetum Denticulatum x Catasetum Penang
Asco. Fuchs Gold x Vasco. Shigenori Yamanaka

Vanda Viboon Velvet
Cattleya Netrasiri Waxy

Bc Little Mermaid Janet

Diacattleya Chantilly Lace 'Hildos'

Ctna. Staryn Butterfly

Brassavola subulifolia

Rlc Hatyai Delight

Rlc. Hatyai Delight x Blc Lucky Man

Blc Memoria Anna Balmores

Cattleya hybrid unknown
Doritis Pulcherrima 'champorensis'

Dtps. Taiping Festival

Dtps. Serdang

Phalaenopsis bellina
Sphatoglottis hybrid unknown

Spathoglottis hybrid unknown

Dendrobium enobi purple

Dendrobium mini hybrid unknown

Dendrobium biggibum compactum x ??

Dendrobium mini hybrid unknown

Dendrobium mini hybrid unknown

Dendrobium hibiki

Bulbophyllum Lee Nam Fook

Clowesatum Loppe Farlianse 'alba form'

Cycnodes Jumbo Mickey

Catasetum fimbriatum

Catasetum unknown

Arundina graminifolia

Arundina graminifolia
Aerdv. Kasorn's Orchid Tactic

Dendrobium venustum

Dendrobium wassellii
Paphinia herrerae

Note: Some pictures are taken from FB pictures Chong Yong Ang (FB names) - committee member of FOMOS. Thanks for giving permission to publish those pictures in my blog.

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower ~ Hans Christian Andersen

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  1. Yogary Says:

    Hello there,

    Great job with your website.

    I am from KL. I would like to attend the Penang bi-monthly orchid show. Since it's November 2015 now, I'd suppose the next show shall be next month? If it is, please let me know the details (such as date, time and venue) so that I can make a trip to Penang for this show. Is there a website which provides more information on this bi-monthly event?