Makarimi Abdullah
Kemeriahan Syawal masih terasa, kerana bercuti panjang, lewat pula di 'update' kan blog ini, di tambah pula dengan keaadaan kesihatan yang kurang memuaskan sejak dari akhir Ramadhan hingga Aidilfitri.
Selepas berehat selama sebulan sewaktu Ramadhan, pada 5 Syawal, di adakan pertandingan orkid bulanan yang di anjurkan oleh FOMOS di Kebun Bunga pada 4 September lalu. Jawatankuasa yang baru dilantik Jun lalu menetapkan pertandingan bulanan perlu diadakan setiap 2 bulan, bermula Julai lalu. Ini bermakna masih berbaki dua lagi pertandingan selepas pertandingan bulanan ini.
Berikut adalah antara gambar-gambar yang telah di rakam semasa pertandingan ini, untuk dikongsi bersama.

We still in the joyful  celebration of Shawwal. I took long leave since last month of Ramadhan till 5th of Shawwal. Busy with attending open house and the health problem, cause me late to update this blog. So sorry for that. 
On 4th of September or 5th of Shawwal, FOMOS organized monthly show @ Botanical Garden Penang. New committees  agreed to organize the monthly show every two month, means that there are remaining another 2 shows before end of this year, information for upcoming show you can check the side bar of this blog. Here, I share the beauties of orchids during the show.

Best Plant of the Show : Vanda Robert Delight 'Blue Somsri'

Best Reserve Plant of the Show: Spathoglottis unknown
Bc. Memoria Vida Lee

Bct. Hawaiian treat

Rlc. Luna Juane

Cattelya Portia

Rlc unknown

Rth. Varut Feastfull

Lc unknown

Dendrobium Cherry Song

Dendrobium unknown

Dendrobium (biggibum x udomsri beauty)

Dendrobium unknown

Dendrobium (biggibum alba x burana white)

Dendrobium sutiknoi hybrid

Dendrobium (Alice Noda x stratiotes) x Dendrobium violaceoflavens

Dendrobium black spider hybrid

Phalaenopsis Tang's Penang Jade

Aerangis biloba

Phalaenopsis Bellina

Habenaria myriotricha

Habenaria sp.

Habaenaria rhodochelia

Arundina graminifolia

Habenaria carnea

Bulbophyllum sp. (Philippines)

Bulbophyllum cootesii

Bulbophyllum (meduse x lepidum)

Renanthera Kalsom

Catasetum pileatum hybrid (unknown)

Clowesetum Black Jade

Dimorphorchis lowii

Dendrobium farmeri

Dendrobium tanii

Dendrobium (Frosty Dawn x Suzukii)

Lc. Ruyu Little Love

Lc. (Yen Suprise x Wattana gold)

Vanda Pachara Delight

Vanda (Udom Gold x Charles Goodfellow)

Vasco. Pine Rivers ' Pink'

Tolumnia Ooi Seng Hooi

Tolumnia Ooi Seng Hooi

Tolumnia unknown

Beauty is a fragile gift - Ovid
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7 Responses
  1. We were speechless, Makarimi.
    Lush, beautiful shape and color of plants.
    Pictures are a show.
    Congratulations for the images

  2. What a beautiful showcase of orchids! Some of them do not look like orchids to me! Especially the white ones right in the centre, it is really pretty! Have a lovely day! It is a bit belated, but Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Hope you enjoyed your Raya, and the ketupat with rendang too! Sorry to hear that you have not been well, hope you are feeling much better now! :)

  3. Ok I am assuming I can post now. :) Thanks for fixing things, I would hate not being able to post here. I love all the Orchids at the show. Nice colors and varieties. Must have been a fun day.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Autumn Belle Says:

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!
    It is good that you show us the orchids at the Orchid Show. I can't visit the real one in Penang, so your virtual orchid show is very good. If you have time, please insert the names so that I can learn more about the orchids.

  5. Valeria> Thanks for your visit and nice words. Also thanks for linking me to your forum ;)

    KF> Thanks for your wishes. I really appreciate it. I tried many recipe during Ramadhan from your blog. It is so deliciouss!

    Cher> Thanks for your comments. Really appreciate so much your comments and visit.

    Autumn Belle> Thanks for your wishes and I will try spend time to put the name to all the orchids I posted here.

  6. river14 Says:

    Wow love that Arundina gramatifolia, the colour is beautiful. Its so sad that no work has been done on this wonderful easy orchid to create new colours, flower size etc. It could be spectacularly lovely in some hybrid trials Im sure. If only I knew how.

    I collect this single species in all its many variations, I would love this one.

    Im looking for the giant white flowered one too.

  7. Makarimi Says:

    river14> Sorry for late reply. This one is original species from Vietnam. It is a dwarf Arundina, it is not cross/ hybrid Arundina. I never see the giant white alba Arundina just a medium size and dwarf size. I have both.