Makarimi Abdullah
Ini sebahagian lagi gambar-gambar dari pertandingan semalam. Pada pertandingan ini terdapat 50 kategori/ kelas yang dipertandingkan, yang mana dendrobium terbahagi kepada 7 kelas dan ini adalah sebahagian dari orkid dendrobium yang mengambil bahagian, selebihnya akan di 'update' kemudian.

Here are more pictures @ Kedah Agricultural Day 2011 Orchid Show. The total orchid classes for this show are 50 classes,which is Dendrobium are divided into 7 classes. Here are some pictures of dendrobium orchids. Other classes will update later.

Dendrobium unknown

Dendrobium unknown

Dendrobium unknown

Dendrobium unknown

Dendrobium Merit Island

Dendrobium unknown
Dendrobium griffithianum

Dendrobium Farmeri

Dendrobium bullenianum

Dendrobium Roongkamol Vejvarut

Dendrobium Frosty Dawn 'Orange Passion'

Dendrobium (Frosty Dawn x Suzukii)
Dendrobium [(miyaki x bullenianum) x victoria reginae]

Dendrobium bracteosum

Dendrobium bracteosum

Dendrobium glomeratum
If you think squash is a competitive activity, try flower arranging. ~ Alan Bennett
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5 Responses
  1. klaraau01 Says:

    Thank you for showing these beauties, what a treat!

  2. Beautiful blooms. Love that Merit Time
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Autumn Belle Says:

    Makarimi, I wonder why your lovely orchid pictures appear elongated in my computer screen. Blogger has a new feature for us. Now whenever someone click on the pictures in our blog posts, they can see the Lightbox View - something like a slightshow with black background.

  4. klara> Thanks for dropping by. My pleasure. Happy to share the beauties with all the people around the world. Life is much more wonderful with the beauties of orchids ;)

    Cher> Thanks for dropping by again and again. Dend. Merit Island is easy to take care here, and also so cheap, 1 pot just less than USD1. Everybody can manage to get one for their garden here.

    Autumn Belle> Thanks for your lovely words ;) I don't know about the feature, I tried but it cannot appear as what you said. Necessary to set-up the features to get that? I wish, I can learn from you ;)

  5. dona Says:

    Very impressive collection, as always!