Makarimi Abdullah
Koleksi terbaru di OdD. Koleksi ini terbang dari jauh....dari benua Australia! OdD ada membuat pesanan dari kawan di FB...memang berbaloi dapat orkid ini. Sudah menjadi idaman sejak sekian lama. Apapun perlu mencuba sesuatu yang baru di laman OdD. Banyak yang berkata orkid ini tak boleh berbunga di sini, bagi OdD ...belum cuba belum tahu...sebabnya Dendrobium kingianum dari benua ini yang ada dalam koleksi OdD pernah berbunga...jadi tak rugi mencuba. Orkid yang di maksudkan adalah Dendrobium speciosum, semuanya 4 jenis dari keluarga ini, silangan dari speciosum dan family hybridnya. Nak lihat hasilnya perlulah tunggu dalam 2-3 tahun dari sekarang. Jadi perlu bersabarlah ;) Apapun di ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada rakan FB ini. Pertolongan anda amat dihargai ;)

New collections in over from Australia Continent! OdD had order from friend through FB. Really worth it to have this new collection in OdD. Many of my friend said this orchid cannot bloom here! Who knows? Never try...never know the result! Life is like never know the result until you try your own! 
Last time Dendrobium kingianum, which is native to this continent can bloom at my garden, so she can bloom here. Maybe my luck, that new collections can bloom in my garden. The orchid I ordered is Dendrobium speciosum selected hybrid. Really worth it! Thanks a lot to my FB friend! I really appreciate your help...million thanks to you. 

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world ~ Leo Buscaglia
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  1. It will be interesting to watch this one progress. Now don't forget to remind us in a post what you said above so I know they say it shouldn't bloom. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Malar Says:

    All the way from Australia? Wow! Keep us updated with the progress!!

  3. Good night Makarim.
    Searching a bit on the net, acheii this matter.
    I hope you can help a little.

    The orchid Dendrobium speciosum
    By: claire jene

    The has its origin in Australia, but will be grown in cold climates. Even if we can find this orchid exposed to direct sunlight, flowering hanging on a rock above 1000 meters, and most sold in the West are growing cold.

    Flor is easy to recognize with its large leaves and strong stems out these sheets. The flowers, they are much more discreet, knowing that orchids can measure up to one meter. His pseudo-bulbs can give up to seven leaves and stems up to 15 flowers. These can have various colors: pink or yellow dotted simply white and all variations in the cream. It also happens that the same node used in the birth of several axes of several consecutive years.

    Their culture is very special because this plant likes the cold unlike most species of orchids. Note that it is cold and there was frost. So be careful never to leave it for less than 5 ° C. But the principle is there, place your orchid outdoors balcony or garden, it matters little, and leave every night from April to October. Then he will find it a warm place inside, but be careful that it is always exposed to sunlight. Note, again unlike most orchids, this plant has no time to rest as well.

    This orchid should be watered frequently from early spring until fall, do not add fertilizer to a beautiful flower in winter. The stems of flowers appear in late January, if all the plates were well attended. They must be at least 5 cm. We have to wait patiently for his appearance before resuming watering again, the risk of creating Keiki and not flowers. Keiki These serve to give birth to new orchids. However, you can offer, but do not forget the manual.

    About the author:

    Jene Claire is an expert on orchids for 23 years. She maintains a blog maintenance orchid where you can find ways on how to grow and bloom orchids.