Makarimi Abdullah
Hi, all so sorry for late reply. Too many orchids show end of the year, don't have enough time for me to allocate time for this blog. So here is the update:

Kulim Orchid Show
Joined Organizer: Kulim Municipal Council

Date: 17-23 December 2012
Time : 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Venue: Medan Usahawan, Kulim, Kedah

Best Plant of the Show - Vanda Pachara Delight

Close-up: Vanda Pachara Delight
Best Reserve plant : Asco. Pine River 'Pink'

Close-up: Asco. Pine River 'Pink'
Best Species of the Show: Grammathophyllum scriptum 'alba'

Close-up: Grammathophyllum scriptum 'alba'

More pictures will update later!!!
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