Makarimi Abdullah
Hi all visitors, here I share the beauties of orchids blooming at OdD.

Blc Knot

Blc unknown

Blc (Toshie Aoki x Sri Villas Gold)
Slc. Little Fairy

Cattleya acklandiae

Lc. Hawaiian Starlet

Lc Unknown

Cattleya trianae 'concolor'

Lc Varut Crystal

Brassavola cuculata

Potinara Thiti 'Chancai Gold'

Lc Unknown

Thw. Varut Feastful

Lc Jane Fumiye
Schromburgkia lueddemannii
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi red

Phalaenopsis violacea 'alba' x Phalaenopsis Billy Wang

Phalaenopsis Chuah Phu Guek
(Encyclia tampensis x Brassavola cordata) x Encyclia tampensis

Tolumnia unknown

Tolumnia unknown
Dendrobium primulinum

Dendrobium convulatum
Bulbophylum annandalei

If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom. ~Terri Guillemets
Makarimi Abdullah
The info  for this show:

Taiping Sentral Orchid Show 2013

Organizer: Taiping Orchid Society
co-organizer: Taiping Sentral

Date: 23rd - 31st March 2013

Time: 9.00am - 10.00pm

Venue: Taiping Sentral, Taiping, Perak

For those who want to spend  their school holiday time in Taiping, please to your visit. This show will end on 31st March 2013 (Sunday).

Here are the pictures update:

Best Plant of the Show: Kagawara Dinesh Gold
Close-up: Kagawara Dinesh Gold

Best Reserve Plant: Dendrobium Lime Forst
Close-up: Dendrobium Lime Forst

Best Species: Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi alba
Close-up: Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi alba
Phalaenopsis bellina
Phalaenopsis bellina

Phalaenopsis violacea 'malayan'
Phalaenopsis violacea 'alba'

New category for species, due to many plants : Ionopsis utricularioides

Ionopsis utricularioides

Dendrobium Dawn Maree

Dendrobium dearei

Dendrobium Kedah Frosty

Lc. Yen Ling Delight

Lc (Phra Nakhorn Kiri x Netrasiri Beauty)

Lc Dan O'Neil

Otaara Hua Yuan Bay

Rlc. Little Mermaid

Blc Orange Nugget x???

Thw. Varut Feastfull

Lc unknown 'mutation'
Rlc Haadyai Delight x Blc Erin Kobayashi

Rlc. Joan Yukimura

Slc. Little Fairy

Rlc. Haadyai Delight
Calanthe vestita

Mokara Khaw Phaik Swan x Vanda Kultana Gold

Encyclia (tampensis x plicata)

Kagawara unknown
Dendrobium Chong Ching Pink

Dendrobium Aurora Yingchun Villacellino

Dendrobium Pavitiraya Mamara

Dendrobium (Bandaraya Taiping x biggibum)

Dendrobium Enobi Purple

Tolumnia hybrid unknown

Tolumnia hybrid unknown

Tolumnia hybrid unknown

Phalaenopsis Ang Ai Hooi

More pictures will update later...