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This is the way I replant orchid bulbophyllum type, but this post only focus on Bulbophyllum beccarii. The way replant bulbophyllum may varies depends on their needs.
The easy way to get the tips are study their habitat and try to copy and suit with your environment. Basically bulbophyllum needs around 60% shades, high humidity and airy.

Bulbophyllum beccarii is found in Borneo at elevations sealevel to ~ 600meters, means that this is lowland species. Good news to the collectors, especially for the collectors stay in Peninsular Malaysia. 
This species needs hot to cool growing creeping epiphyte that wraps around the trunk of the tree. The shape of the leaf are cup shape, thick and leathery to trapping the falling dietrius from the tree and is invaded by a tangle of roots.

From the habitat descriptions, this species will go around the trunk and the leaf will have cup shape to trapping the dietrius to keep the media  always moisture inside the cup-shape leaf . This trapping media also will give the nutrients to the plant. It means that this is compulsory to culture this plant in that way.

The flower are hanging in pendant, densely many flowered cluster below the base of the leaf. It smell like rotten meat or like rotting Pygmy Borneo Elephant. Even though it really smelly, my opinion the flower really beautiful and elegant.

Let see how I replant this orchid.

First, what you need:
1. Fern bark
2. Sphagnum   moss
3. cocopeat
4. Hanging wire
5. Garden wire/ raffia

Fern barks and cutting wood (Front)

Fern barks and cutting wood (Back)
Bulbophyllum beccarii...bare root and wrapped with the moss

The fern barks have to join together to give enough space to the plant to growth. It joined by using hanging wire (gating green wire) and tied up with cutting wood.

Joined fern barks and cutting wood (Front)
Joined the cutting wood and the fern barks (Back)

Garden wire used to tied the bulb and the leaf to be cup shape to the fern bark

Dirt marks on the leaf, shows the media trapped in the forest
Cup shape leaf from the top
Dirt shadow marking  obviously can see on the leaf from the top view
The leaf need to tied up to the fern and it should wrapping to be cup shape and round the fern bark (trunk).

Fill in the sphagnum moss and coco-peat, layer by layer until reach the dirt marking in the cup shape leaf. 

First layer : sphagnum moss

Second layer: coco-peat
Third layer : Sphagnum moss
 Now, the plant ready to hang....
Hanging the plant under 60% shade

Side view

Another view

Try yourself and see the result...Good Luck ;)

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all ~Dale Carnegie

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