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Just a bit information about Cattleya and their relative species: Schormburgkia orchid
A genus of plants belonging to the family of Orchidaceae. The Subfamily of Epidendroideae under Tribe Epidendreae with Subtribe Laeliinae.

The name of Schormburgkia is named for Sir Richard and Moritz Schormburgk, the botanist who expolred Britsh Guiana during the 19th century. Previously this genus is under Laelia for  a mean time and change back to Schormburgkia, and the latest name I also not so sure. The botanist know better why they always change the genus...but here I use Schormburgkia ;-) (I'm not a botanist...but I know this genus with that name since the first time I plant this orchid hahahaa)

At the first place this genus put in the same family of Laelia is because it has many similarities in flower form to the latter. However, there are few unique characteristics to warrant the creation of a separate genus. The pseudobulbs are large, often oblong or linear-oblong and have two to three long, leathery leaves at the top. The flowers are borne in clusters at the end of long spike with medium to large showy flowers. The flowers have similar size with the wavy or somewhat narrow.

This genus are either ephiphytic  or lithophytic in their growth habit. Commonly its like to be on large wood mount with high light expose. During the active growth it need water with good sunlight to ensure blooming. If for the four season country, the bloom season is spring and summer. 

In tropical season such as Malaysia, there are no season, as long as there are dry season for a while and rainy for a few weeks, it's start to has spiking and few weeks later its bloom. It really free flowering here. This genus need to exposed to sunlight around 30%, the best condition is exposed to morning sunlight to afternoon sunlight.

To culture this genus in tropical season, either use charcoal, fern bark, wood plaques, pumice stone, broken bricks or broken clay pots. From my experience the best media for this genus either using charcoal and broken clay pots.

The taxonomy (according to Carl Whitner - Jay's Internet Orchid Species Encylopedia) have recorded this genus have 14 types species.

1. Schromburgkia crispa
2. Schormburgkia fimbriata
3. Schormburgkia gloriosa
4. Schormburgkia luedemannii
5. Schormburgkia  lyonsii
6. Schormburgkia moyobambae
7. Schormburgkia rosea
8. Schormburgkia sawyeri
9. Schormburgkia schultzei
10. Schormburgkia spendida
11. Schorburgkia superbien
12. Schormburgkia undulata
13. Schormburgkia wallisii
14. Schormburgkia weberbaueriana

At this moment, I collected 8 of them, the first collection from this genus I got is Schormburgkia undulata, which now I have few pots. The extra cutting plant (5 cutting) are ready to sell, and I already publish in my FB.

How to re-potting this genera I will post later in next posting and I will focus on Schormburgkia undulata var luedemaniana/ Schormburkia luedemannii

Here are some pictures taken from OdD collection for you to enjoy the beauties:

There is nothing you can see that is not a flower; there is nothing you can think that is not the moon~ Matsuo Basho

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