Makarimi Abdullah
My friend and I start loading the orchids in the car around 8.00 AM and around 9.00AM, we depart from my house to Little Penang Market. Along the way we need to drop by at ex-president FOMOS to loading his orchids in my car. He has something to do in the morning, so cannot send his  orchid for competition. Around 10.15AM, we arrive @ Little Penang Market.

We only have 10 plants for this competition, Zul with 3 plants, Mr Shamas with 9 plants and Dr Kartini with 2 plants.  My car full with these plants. Natural fragrant inside my car....haa...haaa

The results, we only manage to win 4 plants, Mr Shamas with 6 plants and Zul with 2 plants.

So here is some picture during the show. I will update more pictures here in new sub-topic.

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2 Responses
  1. Autumn Belle Says:

    Wow, so many orchids. How I wish I was there. Congratulations on your wins! Syabas!

    Thank you for the information about the belalang kunyit. I have updated my post with your info and link.

  2. Thanks Autumn Belle, for your wishes.

    Last Sunday every month, there is Orchid Show at Little Penang Street, you can plan your time to be there.