Makarimi Abdullah
Here are more pictures at Sept. FOMOS Orchid Shows @ Little Penang Street Market

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5 Responses
  1. Autumn Belle Says:

    The orchids are gorgeous. The last one is most unique and unusual.

  2. Autumn Belle Says:

    I have invited you for "Gardening A Game!". Please visit my link here

  3. Thank so much Autumn Belle for your invitation! I really appreciated.
    I will update my post.

    The last orchid is my favorite too.

  4. Hi, wow, the orchids are truly beautiful. The last one really caught my attention. Never seen anything like this before! Thank you for visiting my blog and for following me as well. I really appreciate it. I'm following you as well. It will be interesting to see all your orchids since I only have one in my garden and do not even know its name. Will do a post on that, maybe you could help me identify! Have a nice day! (I'm from My Little Potted Garden)

  5. Hi...thanks for the nice words. Post your orchid in your blog, maybe i know the name.
    There are a lot of unique orchid, i will update my post when it bloom. I also visited your kitchen mouth watering...yummy...yummy...yummy