Makarimi Abdullah

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7 Responses
  1. One Says:

    So many interesting varieties of orchids! These are rare? I haven't seem them before.

  2. One> There have more than 3500 species not including the hybrid orchids. The Bulbophyllum here not so rare, but selected for orchid competition.
    More rare species will update here soon.
    You can see more unique orchids in Orchid show.

  3. Natural throne for the fairies. Letting my imagination run amok.

  4. Ron Says:

    Wonderful assortment of Bulbophyllums. They are such amazing flowers.

  5. Ron> Thanks for commenting.

  6. The third picture looks like a ribbon, the last one looks like jantung pisang at a glance! But they are a beauty, one of a kind!

  7. kitchen flavors> Thanks for commenting. Some orchid is 'weird' and you not realize that is orchid. I will update here if the orchid bloom or I can snap that picture in orchid show.