Makarimi Abdullah
The topic is out of Orchid theme. It's Cycads - The Plant Age of Dinasour
Another plant i have in my collection...another hobby.
Cycads have a long history, it's continue exist since thousand years ago with 11 genera and nearly 300 species.
The species i have now is from Northern Peninsular Malaysia, which is same as exist in South of  Thailand.  This species is wide spread along northern area of Peninsular Malaysia, especially in Perlis and Kedah. The plant i mean is Cycas Clivicola. 
This is some of my collection .

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6 Responses
  1. p3chandan Says:

    Its pretty amazing how the plants of that period can last in our modern world with little or no change at all!

  2. In a year how much will it grow taller? A classic beauty.

  3. This is a real majestic looking plant. It makes a spectacular view in any garden or landscaping grounds. Your url is working fine now. Thanks!

  4. p3chandan> Thanks for visit. In the reference books The Cycads, thy found some fossil of these plant in Agentina and Japan. The fossil is same as actual plant now. That why they call this plant as The plants age of dinosaur!

    Malay-Kadazan girl> In a year it just grow around 3-4 cm. So the plant i have now...i think more than 80 years. This plant can grow more than 60 feet!

    Kitchen flavours> This is really nice plant... I dream to have this plant since i'm 10 years old....just 5 years ago i got this plant. The price quite fulfill my dream ...i need to spend for that. Thanks for add my url in your blog.

  5. Ron Says:

    These are amazing, friend. This is a plant I've always wanted to grow, but have never had the opportunity.

  6. Ron> Thanks Ron.
    May be you should try from seed... will try to get and send it to you.