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I would like to thanks to Autumn Belle for inviting me to take part in "Gardening A Game". I really appreciate this invitation, even though i'm newbie in blogger world. It is a big challenge to me to find 10 bloggers to take part in this game. Here i need to list down the "10 Things That I Love To Do".  
Autumn Belle post is here :

As a guide lines from Autumn Belle, here are my favorite 10 amateur pictures that i taken since 2008 to accompany the 10 things that i'm going to list down. All the orchid pictures i taken from my orchid garden.

1. I Love ORCHIDS so much. I have plant orchid since i'm 10 years old, now already more than 20 years i plant orchid. I start this hobby after i watched P. Ramlee (famous Malaysia actor in 60's) movie " Ibu Mertuaku" (My mother-in-law), when Nyonya Mansoor ask her daughter to inform the 'Apek' to send her some ferterlizer. I'm questioning my self at that moment... " Is it true, orchid only for rich people?". Start from there i want to try something is exclusive...then till now and ever become my favorite hobby. My first orchid plants is Cattelya hybrid...(still alive, but i don't have that picture).

2. I love FRAGRANT plant...and especially orchid (again). I get this Dendrobium Anosmum from Sabahan friend. The lovely light purple color with sweet fragrant make me in blue...haa...haaa. Others orchid have sweet fragrant are most of the Cattelya, Catasetum, Dendrobium and many more.

3. I love TRAVELLING...I already have my list countries to visit... but I'm not frequent traveller. So far every year from 2004, i never miss to go vacation/ outstation work to other country, at least once a year! So far 9 countries I already visited. The best ever i visited Salt Lake City, Utah last year. Europe are far away from my budget!  I want to feel the four seasons and to learn their culture. Here is the picture in winter @ Salt Lake City.

4. I love BEACH and SUNSET. I love the sea breeze and the white sand with blue sea and more romantic moment within sunset. Here is the scenery in Perhentian Island, Terengganu, Malaysia. I was there in 2008.

5. I like to plant UNIQUE plants ...example the orchid flower (again) the  shape, color and fragrant. The combination sometimes is really strange, this Bulbophyllum graveolens, the shape color and arrangement, very impressive...but the smell like rotten meat!!! haa...haaa...that is unique! I also plant Cycads and Tillandsia...will attach to the post later.

6. I like to take a picture in different view....Photography...but still learning the ropes.

7. I like to hiking...adventure with nature and capture orchid (again) pictures...


8. Besides orchid, i love poultry...this hobby i share with my best friend, orchid hobby also I share with him. Dream to have Poultry Farm and Orchid farm in the same time Here is the link for poultry farm belongs to my best friend ...

9. I like cooking and try new recipes.

10. I like reading books...especially orchid books, encyclopedia of plants, gardening books, recipe books and anything about nature and latest technology.  Tell thousands of stories, tips, treats and tricks. 

 Here are my 10 things i like to do, and I will invite 10 blogger to play this game. I will update the list later.

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11 Responses
  1. Autumn Belle Says:

    The orchids are beautiful and the sunset picture is really splendid. I like to watch P.Ramli movies too and I have also watched Ibu Mertuaku. Regarding this game, you can take your time, no hurry. Good Luck in your orchid show!

  2. Autumn Belle> Thanks for your wishes. I'm not attending Shah Alam Orchid show as exhibitor only as visitor, but i will update this post. I only take part in Kedah and Penang Orchid Show, btw thanks for your kind support.

  3. Rosey Says:

    What a cool blog! And very fascinating to read more about what you like. I only grow boring plants. Ha. Nothing intriguing like orchids, yet.

  4. One Says:

    Hi! You are really good with orchids! They are so pretty. Many people plant orchids but only a few manage to bring out their beauty.

  5. Rosey> Thanks, your blog also nice. Gardening is interesting even it just grass...You will find something more interesting in your garden soon.

    One> Thanks for the appreciation! I can share my experience with you, if you want to try plant this fascinating hobby.

  6. Hi, you really have a way with orchids! I used to plant a few orchids (don't know the names, only know they look pretty), but they always only flower,like maybe once a year? My sister has the same plants and they have continuous blooms! My plants died and I'm left with only one and it has been with me for more than two years. Surprisingly it has flowered 3 times this year! Nice to know more about you. Nice post!

  7. Kitchen flavors> Thanks.
    About your orchid..maybe you should change the place, try to find the place which more expose to light or if now too much light, try to change to the place more shady.

  8. Ron Says:

    The two Dendrobiums and the Bulbophyllum are spectacular. Great work both on the plants and the photos.

  9. Ron> The most genera i love so much, the Dendrobium easy and free flowering in my garden, but quite hard for the Bulbophyllum.

  10. Babes Says:

    Eh tn, Den. Anosmum tu dr Sabah ka? Astaga sy betul2 tdk tau oo yg Den. Anosmum tu dr Sabah.
    Wah hampir sama sj kita pnya favourite ni tn, cuma No.7 dan No.8 sj tu yg sy kureng sikit. No.8 tak suka kena gigit nyamuk (hahaha). Yg No.7 tak pakar sgt tu yg mcm malas2.

  11. Makarimi Says:

    Babes> Ya Dend. Anosmum tu saya dapat adri kawan dari Sabah tahun 2004. Bolehlah kongi hobi ;-) Semua perkara perlu belajar dan praktis...No. 8 tu agak rumit dan perlukan komitmen yang tinggi.