Makarimi Abdullah
It just Cattleya's blooming...others genera only budding. So, for coming orchid show on 26 Oct 2010, I only bring these Cattleyas'. Only a few orchids will bloom for the next 3 days...not many as previous show. Now is raining season, start from last week of September until now; so it's hard for me to give enough fertilizer to my orchids.

Normally in this season, many diseases will attack the orchids. To avoid this happening, every week should give enough fungicide to the orchids. The fungicide I usually used is Dithane M45, categorize in class IV. I also used turmeric powder, because it's have  excellent natural antibiotic herb with fungicide properties. To know more about turmeric benefit click here

I would like to welcome my new Orchid  Friend - Ron Hanko from Lynden, Washington, USA with his Orchids in Bloom blog to my Orchid de Dangau.  Thanks Ron Hanko for being my 19th friend here.
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5 Responses

  1. beautiful flowers indeed. We mostly grow only two orchids here in our zone 10b, The cattleyas and dendrobiums.

  2. Amy> of my favorite orchid genera and free flowering at my garden

    Muhammad khabbab> Thanks for your visit. Your blog have amazing pictures. Good luck and happy gardening!

  3. Very pretty orchids. Thumbelina will love to make it her home.

  4. Hi, good to learn from you that kunyit powder can be used as fungicide. Do you dissolve it and then spray on to the leaves? Maybe you could specify how you do it on mygardenhaven1 so that my friends can learn from you too.