Makarimi Abdullah
Previous post, i said want to update with Orchid Show in Shah Alam on 9 Oct 2010, but unluckily I cannot manage my time to go there. I arrived there around 8 PM and the show already closed for visitors.
Here I only update my post with orchid blooming @ my orchid hut.

Special thanks to all my followers for your comments and supports since i start blogging here. Once again, Thanks in advance to all of you Mohd Farazi, FZI, Alycia, Ebraheem, Hakim, MalaysiaSensasi, Namida, Mr Kertong, Yahya, Autumn Belle, Irwan Fahmy, One, Malay-Kadazans Girl, Pachara Orchids and the latest Klaraau01.
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10 Responses
  1. The fifth orchid looks like an octopus with their tentacles! It looks like a very messy plant but very unique! I have not seen this orchid before.
    The rest are very pretty.

  2. Hi, it's me again. Just want to find out why I can't link your blog to my "potted garden - My Blog List" when I click on your url? It read as reality / fantasy/ dream?. Any ideas???

  3. Hi kitchen flavors,
    The 5th is my favorite orchids, now is the season for this type of orchid.
    Regarding the url, i also don't know what happen, I already reset my link, and you can try again. Update me if still cannot link.
    Once again thanks for visit my blog.

  4. Amy> Thanks, your orchids also awesome.

  5. Autumn Belle Says:

    Thank you for the kind mention. I so glad to find another Malaysian blogger who loves orchids.

  6. Ron Says:

    Your photography is wonderful - that first plant is amazing - really like the flower color.

  7. Ron> Thanks for your comments. That plant free flowering around the year. I have 4 plants, 3 more plants are blooming now...that for Orchid Show on 26 Oct.

  8. Babes Says:

    Eh bukan gambar yang No.3 tu Cattelya ka? Tak nampak sangat la tulisan tu yg sy nampak Don Hermen sj. Sy pun ada orkid ni tuan, tapi yang sy dibagitau Cattelya.
    Yg No.7 tu...wah Cattelya intermedia, mcm sy pnya yg tn bg Id tu tp warna dia mcm lain sikit la tak putih sangat.

  9. Makarimi Says:

    No. 3 tu ia adalah multi generic hybrid...namanya tak boleh Cattleya saja, sebab dah byk kali cross. Nama penuhnya Epilaeliocattleya (Epidendrum x laelia x cattleya. Mungkin org yang menjual tu tersalah bagi nama.
    No. 7 memang Cattleya intermedia...ada beratus color form untuk species ni, form-form ini dekenali sebagai variant atau selalunya di tulis var.