Makarimi Abdullah
Taiping Orchid  Show was held in Taiping Lake Garden, Perak on 9 Jan 2011. I joined this show with friends, Zul and Ibrahim. This show was organized by Taiping Orchid society in conjunction with Annual general meeting. Not many participant was joined this show, maybe due to many of them get prepare for coming show in Penang on 14 Jan 2011. The winning prize there more bigger than this show.

In Taiping Orchid Show, I just entered 6 plants and won 4 of them, but non of its won the 1st prize. The reason why I cannot win the 1st prize because all of my orchids are over-bloom. Then after this orchid show,  I need to get ready for back-to-back show this Friday (14 Jan 2011). This week, I also bit busy with venue set -up in Chinese New Year orchid show in Penang, coz I'm one of the organizer committee. Beside that I also busy with the new land for home and garden, the progress is almost 80% finish and i will update later in the new post.

Here are some photos during Taiping Orchid Show.

Shows venue

Shows venue
Best Plant of the Show: Bulb Lepidum

Best Reserve Plant: Vanda unknown

2nd in category

1st in category

3rd in category

3rd in category

2nd in category

1st in category

3rd in category

1st in category

3rd in category - my orchid

2nd in category - my orchid

3rd  in category - my orchid

2nd in category - my orchid

3rd in category

2nd in category

3rd in category

2nd in category

3rd in category

1st in category

2nd in category

This post I dedicate and welcome to my new Orchid  Friend -  krzysiek86 from Poland with her   drzewa i krzewy blog and Kimberly from Southeast Florida, USA with her Garden in Paradise blog to my Orchid de Dangau.  Thanks krzysiek86 for being my 26th friend  and Kimberly for being my 27th friend here.
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20 Responses

  1. Ellada Says:

    Wow !!! So many and so beautifull.
    The Bulb Lepidum is amazing.

  2. klaraau01 Says:

    What a feast! Thank you very much for sharing these beauties

  3. One Says:

    Looks like you won quite a few prizes! Congrats!

  4. Carol Says:

    Wow! You show some amazing varieties I have never seen before. Gorgeous!!

  5. Andrea Says:

    I guessed right, even if you're using Makarimi you are also Orchid de Dangau, because you write the same style of English. But you have very beautiful orchids. I specifically love that purple Phalaenopsis.

  6. Ron Says:

    Fabulous flowers! You certainly do a lot of shows, too.

  7. The bulb lepidum looks like an upside down gazania. How cute.

  8. Kimberly Says:

    Oh my! What amazingly beautiful orchids! I've not seen some of these exotic! One of my favorites is your orchid - 2nd in category - sunburst colors with a small reddish spot...sooooo beautiful and very impressive!!! And thank you so much for dedicating this post to me - very kind. I truly enjoy your blog!!

  9. Beautiful photographs! I've never entered a flower show (or had a plant worthy of entering a flower show) so I'm very impressed that 4 of yours won prizes!

  10. Autumn Belle Says:

    Wow, so many gorgeous orchids I have never seen before!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    My son used to enter his cacti in the Philadelphia Flower Show so I know how much work it is. Loved seeing another flower show and the awards you won.

  12. Fantastic, Makarini is a real show of pictures and plants.
    You and your plants are beautiful examples of congratulations.
    If it were not so expensive, we'd like to buy some copies, but is out of reach. Hugs.

  13. Malar Says:

    You have gorgeous Orchids! COngratulation!

  14. fer Says:

    So nice and beautiful! no wonder they won

  15. Ingrid> Thanks for your visit and commenting.

    Ellada> Not so many as a big shows. Next Orchid show on 14 Jan are much more beautiful flowers. Bulb Lepidum is native to Malaysia.

    klara> My pleasure, thanks for commenting.

    One> Thanks for your wish.

    Carol> Thanks. I really appreciate you visit my blog again.

    Andrea> Makarimi and OdD is the same person. English is not my tongue, just use simple word and not bombastic, I also not a good writer. Btw thanks for commenting here.

    Ron> Thanks again Ron for commenting here, this Friday there is another orchid show, but sadly I don't have many orchids to support that show ;(

    Diana> Bulb Lepidum is one of my favorite in this genus, she native to Peninsular Malaysia. What I know @ Borneo the color form is more bright and bigger flower.

    Kimberly> My pleasure. That orchid name is Soprolaelicattleya (Slc) Little Fairy 'All victory'. One of my best specimen orchids in my garden, but for this show the flower already over-bloom and cannot win the 1st prize.

    Appalachian Feet> Thanks for visiting me again. You must try to enter the competition, trust me, it's really fun.

    Autumn Belle> Thanks Autumn Belle for commenting. There are more orchid varieties coming soon in next post.

    Carolyn> If I stay near to your son house, definitely I will be his best friend in growing cacti. Thanks for your compliment.

    Valeria> Thanks for your comments. I also admire your beautiful Cattleya in your garden.

    Malar> Thanks for the compliments. You also have a lot of beautiful plants and flowers in your garden.

    Fer> Thanks, Your garden also nice with a lots of plant varieties. I really enjoy everytime I visit your blog garden.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Greetings from snowy Illinois. What a pleasure it is to see such beautiful orchids.

    Ecological Gardening

  17. lifeshighway Says:

    I am learning so much about orchids on Blotanical. I had no idea there were so many different shapes to the blooms, all are beautiful but the varieties are more diverse that I had imagined. When you said that your entries were over-bloomed do you mean that the flowers were a little past their prime. I am curious, how do you control that with a competition approaching?

  18. Congrats for winning. The Bulb Lepidum does not look like an orchid, more like a daisy, really unique! You must be busy for the next show in Penang! Good luck!

  19. Adrian> Thanks for commenting. Greeting from Malaysia...all year round sunny ;)

    Tufa girl> There are so many orchid varieties in the world, even until we die, we cannot see them all. Yes,over-bloomed is the flowers were little past their prime. To control the flower for competition is base on the fertilizing the plants, normally it's takes around 6-8 weeks before competition. Normally I take a note for each varieties to estimate the blooming period.

    kf> Thanks for the wishes. Bulp lepidum looks so elegant when it's blow by the wind. I'm so busy with the show preparation especially on the registration day.