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Is it Orchid? For the 1st time I see the plant I not realize that once is orchid. This happens 12 years ago...not so many reference I have, even computer and internet is live in separate world with me. I just use the computer for my assignments , just use Word, Excel and sometime programming languages. That time I'm still in the university study my bachelor degree.

After I got a job, I bought my first orchid book in 2000.....really excited, Orchids: The Living Jewels of Malaysia, the price is RM98.00 (USD32) with promotion price,the original prize is RM132 (USD43).  

My 1st orchid book in collection! I did survey the price of orchid book here in Malaysia last time, it is too expensive, but now it getting cheaper. Now I have a lot in my collection, not just orchid books but also gardening books. You can story your 1st gardening book here, by commenting my post.

Back to the title, is it orchid?

Absolutely YES! Commonly it's known as Jewel orchid. Here is the fact about this orchid...

Jewel orchids are so called because of their extraordinarily beautiful foliage which comes in a variety of colors. They are not a specific genus of orchids, but rather a grouping based on their intriguing leaf coloration. The leaves are often velvety which increases the visual effect of the colors and sometimes provides a different coloration when viewed from different angles. Most are terrestrial or ground growing plants, although they must be grown in open mediums. Most require constant moistness and high humidity. For terrarium or Wardian Case growers, the jewel orchids are considered among the best plants to grow as they provide year-round beauty and contrast. Many people have had very good luck growing these jewels in bathrooms where they normally thrive due to the high humidity. They do flower, of course, but these flowers are generally of little interest to most gardeners [Susan Taylor - Bellaonline's orchid editor]. Need more? Link

For the people out there who admire to plant this orchids, you should have really shady place or otherwise you can plant this orchid indoor. Here I link another orchid suitable for indoor plant, let visit Bloomingwriter-Gardening in Nova Scotia.

Happy Gardening to all ; )

This post I dedicate and welcome to my new Orchid  Friend -  Dona from Lido Venezia, Venezia, Italy with her   La Terrazza blog to my Orchid de Dangau.  Thanks Dona for being my 25th friend here.
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12 Responses
  1. Its a very pretty plant for indoors. It will be relaxing to gaze on this plant in a nice spa place;-).

  2. fer Says:

    Very nice collection! Every time I visit your blog, I get more and more decided to get me an orchid.

  3. p3chandan Says:

    The leaves are a bit pelik than the usual orchids but very nice!

  4. dona Says:

    I'm really honoured to be your follower: your orchids are gorgeous and you have so much to teach me...
    Many thanks and have a great 2011, of course! :)

  5. I never realized that orchids could have such beautiful leaves. Thanks for educating us non-orchid growers. Carolyn

  6. Kimberly Says:

    AMAZING!!!! I LOVE it!!! My orchid collection is still small, but I'm learning and adding to my collection.

  7. This is an orchid with beautiful leaves. I love orchids and mine are all Phalaenopsis, so easy to grow, but not very interesting when not in flower. You may have convinced me to try a new one.

  8. Ron Says:

    These Jewel orchids are astonishing in their variety and beauty. I've never had any success in growing them, though.

  9. Autumn Belle Says:

    These are real Jewels, certainly live up to its name. That orchid book is in my wish list too but it is too expensive at the moment.

  10. Irwan Fahmy Says:

    Really love this one.. Really hard to find one.. Especially those with the flowers..

  11. Carol Says:

    It is lovely to read how your interest in orchids grew from books to growing the plants. Lovely! Amazing plants and flowers.

  12. Diana> Yes it's really pretty to plant indoor. The leaves so wonderful.

    Fer> Thanks for the compliments. Just pick one and plant in your garden, you will love it.

    p3chandan> People only looks at their leaves not the flower. This orchids represents the pretty leaves and some of it, can use in Chinese medicine.

    dona> Thanks so much for the compliments. Your blog also nice and have a great post. I really appreciate it.

    Carolyn> Thanks for dropping here and comments. Sharing is caring ;)

    Kimberly> Nice to hear you also plant orchid, orchid collection never finish until death ;( I also still collecting, more and more.

    gardenwalgardentalk> Phalaenopsis is very beautiful, may be you can try to plant Phalaenopsis Schileriana, the leaves so beautiful beside the branching flowers! You will love it, this jewel orchid also nice for indoor collections.

    Ron> this orchid quite though to grow, I also keep try so many time until it success. Never give up, at last you will happy with them.

    Autumnbelle> This orchid so charming ;) I like it very much. The books you buy from Amazon, it's more cheaper. I also do that for most of my gardening books.

    Irwan> Thanks for commenting. May be you can try Ludisia discolor, It's nice flowers to beside the leave. It's more easy if compared to other species.

    Carol> It's long history to story here, why I love to plant orchids, the books just a beginning to be a hardcore collectors. Anyway, Thanks so much for drop here and comments.