Makarimi Abdullah
New year just start few days ago. Beside the remaining garden I have, now I'm start work with new garden, the new chapter of gardening project. 01 01 11 it's start a new gardening adventure!

My partner and I, bought this land last August and planning to build our home with dream garden. Our planning is to build traditional Malay houses, full with orchid garden and poultry farm. The location of this land is very peaceful and unique, nearby rice filed and have very good scenery. This land area are 16,000 square feet, more than enough for us to build house and garden.

Clearing the land, is the difficulties to start this project, it is because this land  contains of too  much  water  and have full of mud. First, we needs to clear the bushes and coconut trees, then flatten the area to ensure its higher than the rice fields. 

The weather plays important role during this progress. Base on our local weather last year, during this time no more raining, but this year until 1st week of January, there are still raining. So clearing the land and flatten the area cannot done on schedule. Now, the progress have been stop for few days because of this reason.
By the way, here is some progress for this project.

Original land: beside the rice filed, covered by bushes

Original land: clearing the bushes

Clearing in progress




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10 Responses
  1. p3chandan Says:

    Tahniah Makarimi nak bukak tanah baru! Thats a good investment to build your dream home and garden! But the beginning is always a bit difficult..mudah2an di tahun baru ni segala hasrat tercapai dan semua doa di makbulkan! Hope to see many many posts on your new project.Err..Why are the last few photos are so tiny...:)

  2. Ron Says:

    What a huge amount of work, but I am sure it will be beautiful when you are finished.

  3. An amazing amount of work, but it will be well worth it in the end.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. p3chandan> Thanks for the wishes. All the best to you too. The beginning stage so difficult now;-( The pic...captured the picture in different views.

    Ron> Thanks Ron, I hope it's become as I dream. Still have a lot of work to do.

    Jen> Hopefully everything done very well. Thanks for dropping here ;-)

  5. dona Says:

    It's a wonderful project: best wishes for 2011!
    Btw: your orchids are gorgeous!

  6. dona> Thanks for the wishes, All the best to you too.

  7. MAZA Says:

    Good Luck Bro!
    kita mempunyai impian yang sama...nampak nya makarimi mendahului maza..hehe...:)

  8. MAZA> Thanks Bro. Usaha tangga kejayaan. InsyaAllah atas usaha dan tawakal kita mampu capai apa yg diimpikan. Saya doakan impian MAZA juga akan tercapai.

  9. Malar Says:

    That's huge amount of work but the final product will be impressing! DO update us on the progress!

  10. Malar> Yes...this is huge tranformation, need a lots of investment and time. I will update part by part here, until it's become my dream garden. Thanks for commenting.