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Now 1440 minutes or 24 hours per not enough for me. The time passed through so fast, and after I realized, the new day has come. The day by day, becomes week by week, now already new month had stared. I’m still here…keep busy with so many things in my head. I’m cannot organize my time wisely? Or I’m wasting my time too much? I still cannot find the answer. Aahhhh , so much pressure now…study leave is more happy than current status as a worker ;(

Currently I’m too busy with literature search and proposal for new research project, not only one proposal, but three proposals. It’s make me blur sometimes ?@%&! heads become blue! No choice and nothing much I can do, because I must get at least one research project approve by the government. After almost 3 years I concentrated to my study…and honeymoon year for me, all finished. Now, it likes start from zero...crawling again and again.

Making the new research project proposal is more details than the PhD proposal, needs to find new techniques, new inventions or novelties including final products. It makes my day so pressure. Loneliness in this world of invention…lost in my own world!

After get back form work, nothing much I can do. Raining season… I just wait in the boring room. The orchid garden is like no progress at all. I just prepare some pots for the next coming show on 10 April in state of Perlis. My schedule so tide, this week, because on Thursday , I need to go to KL for some work and get back home on 9 April. 

Here are some pots I reserve for the next show on 10 April in state of Perlis and Penang monthly show on 17 April @ Penang Time square, Georgetown Penang.

Orchids ready for 'quarantine'

Orchids in 'quarantine area'

Schomburgkia tibicinis with 9 flower spikes

Grammatophyllum hybrid with 4 flower spikes

Grammatophyllum hybrid with 2 flower spikes

Grammatophyllum hybrid flower buds

Rhrds Bangkok Sunset

Cattleya hybrid buds

Encylia alata

Encylia tampensis

Eplc Joseph Roman 'Roman Holiday'

Cattleya aclandiae

Lc Dan O'neil

To all readers and followers, I’m so sorry. It’s quite too long I’m not keep updating my blog. Also so sorry, may be this post interrupting you. Just release my burden on my head. 

This post I dedicate and welcome to my new Orchid Friends - Maureen and Richard L from parts of the blogsphere world to my Orchid de Dangau. Thanks Maureen and Richard L  for being my 43rd and 44th friend here. I really appreciate your support.
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5 Responses
  1. b-a-g Says:

    Orchid - I know what you mean. Whenever I feel that things are spiralling out of control or there is too much on my plate, I take time to decide on the 3 most important things I have to do. I write them down on a piece of paper and think about nothing else until they are crossed off.

  2. Donna Says:

    Life can be so overwhelming when our love for our hobbies interferes with our job or studies...we all understand it and still we will visit as you are able to blog...I actually was thinking about you today..hang in there

  3. bag & Donna> Thanks to both of you, for your visit. Since I'm quite busy and little bit pressure, I'm not frequently blogging. I really appreciate your comments and encourage words ;) Thanks a lots for your strong support ;) I'm very lucky having the cyber friends and readers like you.

  4. Andrea Says:

    i wish i am near your place so i can visit the exhibit as well as your garden.

  5. My Treasure Says:

    i love the bangkok sunset,to me..its rare..any plan to do exhibition in KL?