Makarimi Abdullah
This is the 2nd time I went to Cameron Highland this month. One of my favorite place to spend my free time. It's takes around 4 hours from my hometown in Penang. 
Here is some of the info about Cameron Highland, which i took from the web:

Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in the state of Pahang which is located in the north-western corner of the state. One of the wonders of Malaysia, it is the largest and most famous hill resort in the country. This highland paradise still retains much of the charm of an English village.
Being a primarily agricultural domain, you will find an abundance of vegetables and fruits farms here. Cameron Highlands is also the leading producer of flowers and tea in Malaysia. Be prepared for a lovely sight of extraordinary flowers you won’t see flourishing elsewhere in Malaysia! Located on the Titiwangsa Range at about 1500 metres above sea-level, the temperature here can drop to 16 ˚C or lower at certain times.

The favorite part of my visit is visiting the orchid garden and for sure will buy some orchid as 'souvenir' ;)  FYI, this orchid garden only can visit by invitation only, because the owner is orchid collector and not open to public. Now is the orchid flowering season there, especially for Paphiopedilum, Masdevallia and many more.  Paphiopedilum is one of my favorite species, but only a few I can plant in my garden. Here is some pictures  of this species and hybrid, that I took for you to enjoy the beauties.

Paphiopedilum section in the orchid garden

This post I dedicate and welcome to my new Orchid Friend - Anis Surr from  Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia with My Treasure blog to my Orchid de Dangau. Thanks Anis Surr for being my 47th friend here. I really appreciate your support.
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4 Responses
  1. Kimberly Says:

    How fortunate for you to be invited to this orchid nursery! And so many blooms. Beautiful! Which did you bring home?

  2. It has been close to four years since I last visited Cameron Highlands! I would usually buy the veggies, strawberries and tea. Would really like to go again. The flowers there, especially the sunflowers are really magnificient! I have never visited the orchid nursery before.

  3. hi, i'm interested to pay visit to the farm you mentioned.The owner name Shin CW.Right? Any contact no so that next time i can make appointment to visit him?

  4. Makarimi Says:

    Kimberly> I bought a lot ;-)
    KF> You must visit this farm, but this farm only open for private visit.
    Wong Jen Wah> Yes that the person. It's a private visit. Pls contact me through my phone no 019-5696579, then I will sms you the owner contact no.