Makarimi Abdullah
Here are orchids blooming in OdD this week.

Cattleya aurantiaca

Rlc. Hadyai Delight

Slc. Little Fairy

Cattleya walkeriana 'jungle prant'

Lc. Varut Startrack

Lc. Mary Song

Bl. Vida Lee

Cattleyatonia Rosy Jewel

Lc. Wine Festival x Ctna. Jamaica Red

Lc. Netrasiri Doll 'Bicentennial'

Lc. Dan O' Neil

BC Pastoral 'Innocence'

Encyclia tampensis

Encyclia advena

Macradenia multiflora

Paraphal. hybrid ???

Paraphal. hybrid ???

Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica

Neobenthamia gracilis

Macroclinium manabinum

Ionopsis utricularioides

Ionopsis utricularioides
Trichocentrum luridum/ Lophiaris lurida

Friends are flowers that never fade ~ unknown

This post I dedicate and welcome to my Orchid Friend -  Induk from  Malaysia to my Orchid de Dangau with her blog Celoteh IndukThanks Induk for being my 64th friend here. I really appreciate your support.
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4 Responses
  1. Antonio Says:
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  2. Antonio Says:

    Ohhh go, had not seen these two pictures of Paraphal is my favorite orchid ... the 1st seems Pps hybrid. laycockii x denevei = Boediardjo, the 2nd seems denevei??

    Interesting plants!

  3. IndukDen Says:

    eeee...teruja sesangat dengan pic orkid nie...very nice..tqvm frenz..

  4. Makarimi Says:

    Antonio> Both Paraphal are from the same batch of tissue culture. Not so sure what it is. The seller said this is Paraphal denevei.

    IndukDen> Tq ;)