Makarimi Abdullah
This is another 'special' hybrid blooms in OdD. The special of this orchid, because I have both of the parentage of this hybrid, more special because she have 'splash' at the sepal and the petal. If we see from the parentage, there are no splash, but after hybrid the result give amazing splash...make this hybrid so special and beautiful. The first parentage is Rlc. Hadyai Delight, which is comes with big flower up to 4-inch in diameter. Normally she can bloom up to 3 flowers. While another parentage is Lc. Loog Tone. This Lc, have two variant, which is red and yellow. I'm sure the crossing parentage is come from yellow variant, because the hybrid only has  yellow color. I have both variant of this Lc Loog Tone. Normally Lc Loog Tone blooms in clump, which is up to 6 flowers or more with diameter of the flower around 2.5-inch. 
The hybrid between Rlc. Hadyai Delight and Lc. Loog Tone have intermediate size which is (3 to 3.5) inch and the flower can bloom up to 5 flowers in OdD.

Rlc. Hadyai Delight

Lc. Loog Tone
The result from above parentage :

Rlc. Hadyai Delight x Lc. Loog Tone
Life is the flower of which love is the honey ~ unknown
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