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Here are the details about the orchid show:

Kedah Orchid Show
in-conjucntion of 85th birthday DYMM Sultan Kedah
Organizer: Kedah Orchid Society
Co-Organizer: Sungai Petani Municipal Council
Date: 18 - 23 January 2013
Venue: Taman Jubli Perak, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Time: 9:00am - 10.00pm (open to public, start from 19th Jan 2013)

the show already close, but the sale booth now extended until 27th January 2013. So you still have time to visit here.

 Below are some pictures during the show.

Shows setup

Dendrobium mini and Dendrobium phalaenopsis section

Shows set-up

Cattleya and alliance section
3 major prizes
Best Plant of The Show : Vasco. Pine River 'Blue'
Close-up: Vasco Pine River 'Blue'

Best Reserve Plant: Asco. Suksamran Sunlight
Close-up: Asco. Suksamran Sunlight
Best Species: Dendrobium bullenianum
Close-up: Dendrobium bullenianum

More pictures will update later...
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2 Responses
  1. Nurul Izzati Says:

    waduh..waduh.Menyirap darah .Time saya tetiba mula terangau dengan orkid jumpa pula blog hebat ini.Saya akan sentiasa follow untuk menimba pengetahuan mengenai dunia orkid.Syabas..

  2. Makarimi Says:

    Nurul Izzati> Thanks for your visit and comments ;)