Makarimi Abdullah
Hi all visitors,

Here are the details about the show, hope enjoy the beauties ;)

Taiping Orchid Show (January 2013)in-conjuction of Annual General Meeting
Organizer: Taiping Orchid Society

13th January 2013 (Sunday)

Time: 9.00am - 2.00pm

Venue : Car Park in front of Lake Garden Food Court

Registration of plant: 9.00am -10.30 am

Dendrobium Formosae section

Phalaenopsis section
Best Plant of The Show: Rlc Hadyai Delight x Lc Loog Tone

Close-up: Rlc. Hadyai Delight x Lc Loog Tone

Best Reserve Plant: Phal. Eiderstadt x Kung's Veno Pride

Close-up: Phal. Eiderstadt x Kung's Veno Pride
Lc Kyle

Ctna Keith Roth

Lc. Mari's 'Taka'
Lc. Mari's Song

Lc Dan O'neil

Ctna. Why Not 'Yellow'

Ctna. Jamaica Red 'Sentinel'

More pictures will update later...
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2 Responses
  1. Zahrul Says:

    wow, best reserve plant tu menarik

  2. Makarimi Says:

    Zahrul> suka saja kalu phal...yg lain pun boleh tahan juga bunga nya. Apapun Phal tu memang bunganya cantik...tapi tak cukup untuk jadi best plant, kerana pokok belum cukup besar.