Makarimi Abdullah
Blooming at OdD recently to enjoy ;)

Cattleya araguaensis

Otaara Hidden Gold

Cattleya hybrid NoID

Blc. (Pink Diamond x Lucky Strike)

Blc Amy Wakasugi

Blc Yen Surprise

Cattleya trianae 'concolor'

Blc. Greenwich 'Elmhurst'

Schromburgkia splendida
Rsc Memoria Helen Brown 'Sweet Afton'
Tolumnia hybrid NoID
Tolumnia hybrid NoID

Eria latibracteata
Epidendrum Violet Queen

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air~ Thomas Gray

This post I dedicate and welcome to my Orchid Friend - Najwa from Malaysia  to my Orchid de Dangau. Thanks Najwa  for being my 78th friend here. I really appreciate your support
2 Responses
  1. Babes Says:

    Wow Cattleya araguaensis dan Cattleya trianae 'concolor' dah blh ikut serta dgn Cattleya acliande ke?

  2. Makarimi Says:

    Cattleya arguaensis...belum sedia utuk di lepaskan, ia perlu pejagaan istimewa, agak bebrbeza dgn Cattleya yg lain. Catt trianae 'concolor' bolehikut serta dgn Catt aclandiae. Beri sedikit masa, when ready sy sms ;-)