Makarimi Abdullah
Again on 31 Oct 2010, FOMOS successfully organize monthly show for October 2010 on 31/10/2010. This show was held @ Little Penang Street Market. 
Coincidentally, this show overlap with the Kedah Floral Fest in Kulim, so this monthly show cannot attract many people to exhibit their orchids. Only 15 exhibitors joined in this show with around 110 orchid plants. Even not so many plants in this show, it attracts a lot of visitors to see the beauty of this amazing flowers.

Best Plant of The Show - Dendrobium Bandaraya Ipoh

Dendrobium Bandaraya Ipoh

Best Reserve Plant - Blc. (Milldevd Rise x Walkeriana)
Lc. Wyana Leopard

Lc Hawaian Treat
Blc Pink Diamond

Lc. (Sagarik Wax x Little Irene)
Lc. Dan O'Neil

Lc. Lester McDonald

Ctna. Staryn Butterfly

Lc. Unknown

Lc. Hawaiian Snowflake x Angle Walker

Blc. (Lucky Strike x Lucky Man)

Blc. Crispin Rozeles 'Leing'
Dend. Unknown

Dend. (Pansy Bush x Chao Praya)

Dend. Uknown

Dend. Unknown
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10 Responses

  1. Autumn Belle Says:

    I enjoy seeing the orchids in your posts. Dendrobium Bandaraya Ipoh? What a unique name!

  2. p3chandan Says:

    I love orchids but I find them too tedious to grow and they need lots of tender and constant care isnt it?

  3. fer> Thanks for commenting. Your blog also nice...i like the Strawberry post very much.

    KF> Thanks again for your commenting...orchids so beautiful.

    AB> Thanks enjoying my post. Dend. Bandaraya Ipoh named in conjuction of Ipoh become 'bandaraya'...i'm not sure the exactly date. The hybrid orchid, can be name anything...even your own name, if you done your own hybridize.

    P3chandan> It's great you love orchids too. The flower plants need lots of tender and the constant care is a must for flower plants. But somehow, the species orchid from the jungle no need tender and constant care. It's more easy than you imagine!

  4. Eddy Says:

    Makarimi, the white flower should be Lc. Hawaiian Snowflake x Angle Walker.

  5. eddy> Thanks for corrected me.

  6. Eddy Says:

    Bukan Eddy, its me, shamas .....

  7. Ron Says:

    Very beautiful selection of flowers and colors. I wish we had shows this often.