Makarimi Abdullah
This monthly show for November was held @ Taman Tasik Taping, Taiping Perak on 14 Nov 2010 from 9.00am - 2.00pm. This show was organized by Taiping Orchid Society. There are more than 100 orchid plants entered this monthly show.

My partner and I just brought only 10 orchids plants today...normally  more than 15 plants. Preparation for this show was quite rush, because we got the newsletter 1 week before the show. Anyway, we tried our best to prepare the best orchid plants we have to this show.

We departed from my house in Kepala Batas, Penang, around 8.40am and arrived there around 10.40am. The classification and judging start on 11.20am onwards.

Our plants only won 4 prizes in 4 categories, but it's ok for us, the main point for us to support the society.
The Best Plant of the Show is Lc. Hawaian Treat, with more than 8 spikes and have more than 30 flowers. It's quite presentable even it's not perfect. The Best Reserve Plant was crowned to Trichocentrum 'hybrid' with 4 spikes and more than 100 flowers. This plants cannot get the best plant of the show because the arrangement is too crowded and the color also not so contrast and presentable.

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11 Responses
  1. fer Says:

    Very beautiful!
    Congratulations on getting so many prizes

  2. p3chandan Says:

    Salam.Not bad you got 4 prizes, congrats! Even though I dont know any of their names, I really admire those beautiful orchids especially blue n purple colour ones and also the last one, quite unique!

  3. Congratulation. Very pretty orchids.

  4. Ron Says:

    Wonderful post - especially like the different Phalaenopsis species.

  5. Congratulations for winning 4 prizes! That's really great! The first prize plant is really beautiful, no wonder it is a winner! The last one is really interesting, I've never seen it before, and it is a real beauty!

  6. Autumn Belle Says:

    I do agree that the last one is the most unusual. Orchids are really beautiful and congratulations on the winnings!

  7. One Says:

    Congratulations!!! Happy for you. Why did you make it sound as if you won very few awards? How many did you expect? I wonder if your orchids were tired with all that travelling.

  8. Fer> Thanks for commenting and your wishes.

    P3chandan> Thanks for the wishes. Most of the orchids especially hybrid of dendrobium and cattleya are blue or purple. I also really like those color. The last one, is Dendrobium bracteosum, species orchids from Papua New Guinea.The flower can stand up to 6 months.

    Malay-kadazan girls> Thanks for the wishes and commenting.

    Ron> Thanks for commenting. Phalaenopsis one of my favorite genera.

    kitchen flavors> Thanks for the wishes. I agree with you the last one is too special. I really like that species.

    Autumn Belle> Thanks for the wishes. The last one...I plant many pots ;-)

    One> Thanks for the wishes. I expect more I can win...actually not the prize...just appreciation to the orchid plants. Actually some orchid flower damage during transportation, that why only won 4 prizes. Anyway..still good, just little bit frustration.

    Amy> Thanks for commenting.

  9. chiajm Says:

    can you list the Orchid name..Thank you .

  10. Ron Says:

    That last photo of a Dendrobium is stunning.