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See right to the title of this post ... a little surprise? I want to say goodbye to my good friend when gardening. After so long close with me, proximity 2 times a week ... I had to let go. Approximately more than 6 years I use it in the garden. What I mean is ... Back-pack fertilizer / pesticide sprayer.

I just got a new friend ... a passion for gardening more orchids. I will get familiar with this friend after this. Working hard and durable ... heeheee. Last time i used 2 times a week, perhaps with a new friend , it becomes 4 times a week. Whatever grateful to old friends which contributed a lot ... and helped me to win many orchids competitions.

If story about fertilizer and pesticides ... something that becomes essential for the farmers, veggies farmers ,  fruits farmers and flower growers. Fungicide, pesticide and fertilizers will increase productivity and yields.

If you focus on orchids, fertilizing should be frequent enough to give substance to the flowering bushy and healthy, and quality. Only the quality, healthy and fresh orchid will be judged in a competition. 

My experience in growing orchids, fertilizers and fungicide/pesticide regularly helps me to get a good quality, healthy and fresh orchids, and worthy to be crowned the winner in the competition. I was sprayed the  fungicide/pesticide and fertilizer once a week, which is fungiside and pesticides was alternate once a week. It is recommended to fertilize 2 times a week for optimal results. Last time I follow this schedule systematically , because in my collection just few hundred pots, but when it become almost thousand, its very difficult for me to spray my orchids systematically. It's so tired. Extreme tiredness.

So with a new friend, I will practice it again. New adventures just begin ... and I'll update the results from time to time.

As a guide to share ...

The first week, Wednesday-Fungicide
                        Saturday - Ferterlizer
The second week, Wednesday - pesticides
                             Saturday - Ferterlizer
The third week     Wednesday - Fungiside
                             Saturday - Ferterlizer
Fourth week        Wednesday - pesticides
                           Saturday - Ferterlizer

This is the schedule that I use. It will be changed to suit your weekly schedule. 
Remember one thing! You need to watering your plants first before spray with fertilizer, fungicide or pesticide.

Good luck!

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4 Responses
  1. mohdfarazi Says:

    boleh share skit dlm masa sebulan tu bila masa sesuai sembur baja tumbesaran dan baja bunga. sy guna baja garam NPK 21.21.21 and 13.27.27.

  2. Mohdfarazi> Salam. Next post selepas Taiping Orchid Show (14/Nov)topic.

  3. Ron Says:

    Too bad when an old friend has to be replaced.