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BL Morning Glory is another primary hybrid in the OdD collection. The parentage of this allied hybrid is between Brassavola nodosa and Laelia purpurata. This BL Morning glory have many variant such as Valentine kiss , H&R, Gracielle, Verily and Remar, may be have any others which I cannot find the source. This variant orchids is comes from the parentage itself, Laeila purpurata, which have so many variant (I just have few in my collection and will post it here when they bloom in my garden). I also  plant both of this parentage in my garden.

Brassavola nodosa
Laelia purpurata


In OdD only has H&R variant, some of this variant can be whitish to pinkish shades on the petal and sepal. This hybrid (any variant)  normally can easily recognize from the lips, which is combination of the B. Nodosa and L. purpurata lips. B. nodosa lips has wide open, while  L. purpurata  have long throat and the lips not so widely open. This BL Morning Glory have very nice lips which is striking feature with dark magenta veins radiating from the throat to the edge, which is overlaid with magenta blush. The petal and sepal is more likely with the parentage B. nodosa, which is small and thin. Here I share some of the pictures of this plant which is blooming now in OdD.

BL Morning Glory adalah antara orkid silangan pertama yang ada di dalam koleksi OdD. Silangan hibrid ini adalah antara B. Nodosa dan L. purpurata. Silangan orkid ini terdapat dalam pelbagai varian, antaranya Valentine kiss , H&R, Gracielle, Verily dan Remar atau mungkin banyak lagi, yang mana tidak dapat di jumpai sumbernya.Varian ini datang dari 'paraentage' nya iaitu L. purpurata, yang mana terdapat dalam pelbagai varian (OdD mempunyai beberapa varian dan akan di paparkan pada pos yang akan datang jika berbunga di kebun OdD). OdD mempunyai kedua-dua parentage ini.

Koleksi OdD adalah varian H&R. Walaupun begitu varian ini masih terdapat dalam pelbagai warna, yang mana warna sepal dan petal keputihan hingga ke merah jambu. Lips bagi silangan ini sangat ketara pada 'lips' nya. Ia mempunyai kombinasi menarik antara B. nodosa dan L. purpurata. B. nodosa mempunyai 'lips' yang besar , manakala L. purpurata mempunyai 'throat' yang lebih panjang dan 'lips' yang kurang terbuka. Silangan ini juga banyak mengikut ciri-ciri L. purpurata dari segi warna 'lips' nya yang mana warna terang magenta. Petal dan sepal silangan ini banyak mengikut B. nodosa yang tirus dan kecil. 

BL Morning Glory

Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature - Gerard De Nerval

This post I dedicate and welcome to my new Orchid Friend - Malar from  Malaysia with her blog My Little Garden to my Orchid de Dangau. Thanks Malar for being my 58th friend here. I really appreciate your support.
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  1. Beautiful Orchids. Did you know that when you first click on post a comment it pops up an enormous ad page? You have to click off and click post a comment again.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Linda Makiej Says:

    Marvelous work!! Happy Wednesday!!

  3. I have been scanning your collection to see whether you have a cattleya like mine. Nope. Hope you can help me identify my cattleya. Just drop in to mygardenhaven. The title of that post is "mini or compact" Thanks.Pening I cari tapi tak dapat ID catt saya.

  4. Cher> I don't know. I will check and change the setting. Anyway thanks so much for your comment.

    Linda> Thanks for dropping to my blog. Your blog also nice ;)

    Rosie> Just posted the ID to your blog ;)