Makarimi Abdullah

Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are. -Alfred Austin

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6 Responses
  1. Beautiful! The color is stunning. The third one looks like velvet leaves.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Cher> Thanks for your sweetest words! As always you are the first commenter, I really appreciate that. The 3rd flower is Doritaenopsis Taiping Fsetival (Phalaenopsis family - moth orchid).

  3. dona Says:

    Terrific orchids, as usual... :)

  4. Autumn Belle Says:

    Hari Raya season beauties in shades of red and pink. Selamat berpuasa!

  5. p3chandan Says:

    Cantek hingga tak terkata!

  6. Dona> Thanks for your comments ;)

    Autumn belle> Thanks for your wish ;) I really appreciate that.

    p3chandan> Terima kasih atas ucapan dan sudi melawat saya di sini;)