Makarimi Abdullah
Setelah sabar seminggu menunggu selepas pulangnya dari Bangkok, Thailand akhirnya kiriman tiba dari kota gajah. Kiriman tiba ke destinasi pada waktu malam di rumah teman OdD. Malam ker siang ker....OdD redah juga pergi ambil. Fuuhhh lega....rasanya di hati...dapat juga buah tangan ini, tapi malangnya 4 pokok OdD lesap...entah ke mana pergiinya pun tak tahu. Apapun OdD bersyukur kebanyakan orchid OdD masih elok dan segar.

After a week since arrive Malaysia, I got a call! The shipment from elephant city arrived. Late at night. But I don't care even really early in the morning, I want to go to collect my 'prize' from elephant city. This time the orchid arrived at my friend house, after checked the list, I lost 4 plants, sad. But it is Ok, all of the orchid plants looks fresh and good condition. Thanks to god...

The box fulls of vanda dan allied hybrid orchids

The plants still fresh and the flower still ok ;-)
This is how the wrap the the flower still OK even 1 week in the box

Even the simplest wicker basket can become priceless when it is loved and cared for through the generations of a family ~ Sister Parish
5 Responses
  1. It must be very hard breaking to note those orchids were missing.
    But I'm sure the newer ones are really treasured as they are also with blooms.

    And they can last for so long without damage.

  2. I guess I always think of Orchids being delicate so it's nice to see they're tough enough to survive a week in the mail.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Salam,orkid Thailand mekmang cantik2,tk

  4. Makarimi Says:

    JM> I feel little bit sad. But still ok, the rest of the plant are ok and healthy. Last time I ordered from South America and it takes more than a month and amazingly the plant still ok.

    Cher> That is true, an orchids can survive even a month in the mail, as long as the environment condition is good.

    TASKS16> Orchid hybrid Thailand memang banyak yang menraik.

  5. Bro, how to order orchids from Thailand? share with me please. Thanks