Makarimi Abdullah
The quest of the black flowers started when I came across the discovery channel about Holland and tulip gardens. Since then I always dream to have black tulip in my garden. It is like a day dream...never come true, unless I manage to build the cold house ;-(
This was the starting point of my inquiry into the realm of black plants and flowers - and indeed I was quite surprised of how many there are by now.
There are not just black tulip...there are a lots of black flowers. So interesting...then I deeply last I know I can have black flower! Rare but it is true...

Obviously the black flowers embrace shades ranging from dark red,dark purple to chocolate or ink blue, since nature abhors absolute blackness, but on the whole the result is pretty amazing. It's Gothic!

Black tulip (Queen of the night tulip)
Black pansy
Iris chrysographes (Black night Iris)
Helleborus 'winter Dreams Black'

Arum Palaestinum (Black Calla Lily)
Tacca Chantrieri

They are a touch pretentious - I admit, since all black robes remind of sadness and maybe they are not very easy to get one in the garden, for me black is elegant and special, nevertheless they emanate a great deal of sophistication. 

To make it short, I have many wish lists, but for the starting plant I can have orchid for the first step in my collection. May be not so many people know,  there are black orchid too...not editing orchid with photoshop editor is true and real. My black orchid is on the way...currently I already have one and another one is on the way ;-)

Catacetum unknown...I got this black orchid from my friend Mr Zulkifli and this picture also from his blog
Fdk After Dark 'SVO Black Pearl' FCC - is on the way...a new Gothic collection in my garden

To know more about black flower/ Gothic Garden you can surf here.

Love is like a flower. Even the most beautiful flower dies ~ Till Lindemann

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9 Responses
  1. Mark and Gaz Says:

    All those black blooms looks lovely! Not surprised you like them too!

  2. Wow!!!
    You are getting the Black Pearl Orchid!!!
    How much it cost you?
    Can that one survive in our climate?

  3. Makarimi Says:

    M and G> The Gothic flowers really special and 'unique'...I like all, but only a few I can grow in my garden ;(

    JM> The Black pearl orchid is very costly...but worth it. That one can survive in our climate coz the parentage are intergeneric hybrid between Momordia and Catasetum. Those genera can planted very well here.

  4. james Says:

    If I want to buy a black pearl - how much is the reasonable price should I consider.
    (Just want to know the price & value here)

    Does the new plants coming out from the black pearl still remains black - since it is intergeneric - do they return back to the original parent colour after new bulbs growth?

    If you can - I would be very much interested to know about this orchid - please follow up about the details & care.
    And perhaps if you are planning to sell a plantlet - how much would you cost it - if I were to buy it.
    Thanks for reading my long question.

  5. Makarimi Says:

    JM> Black pearl is currently not selling in Malaysia t this moment. Normally the prize around USD100-200 in the internet.

    The black pearl will remain black even for new bulb. Actually this FDK have many variants, there are two form are almost black, Black pearl and Black Diamond (Nightmare before Christmas).

    To take care this orchid is similar to catasetum hybrid. I don't know yet how much I can sell it for the baby plant. If I got any news about this orchid I will email personally to you.

  6. Hi, Im interested in a plantlet of your Fdk After Dark 'SVO Black Pearl' FCC and Catacetum unknown.. orchids, contact me @

  7. Ali Kourany Says:

    i live in africa! do u think i can get some black flowers to live here? where can i fet the seeds?

  8. Hi, Im interested in a plantlet of your Fdk After Dark 'SVO Black Pearl' FCC orchids,pls contact me at ASAP.

  9. Ali Kourany> Just wait for WOC in Johanasburg this year they will sell a lots of this plant and similar varieties.

    Lee Fong Chin> Sorry for late reply, got problem with the comment through G+...are still interested to get this plant? If so please contact my no 019-5696579