Makarimi Abdullah
This week still busy with new project. So far the progress little bit slow. As usual I just maintaining the garden, fertilizing and replant orchid.
Hope next week more orchid can bloom for Taiping Orchid Show.Here are some orchids blooming in Orchid de Dangau this week.

Potinara Free Spirit 'lea' x Lc Tropical Sunset

Blc (Haadyai Delight x Erin Kobayashi)

Blc Chyong Guu Swan

Laelia Purpurata aco "Do Crente" x  ardosia 'striata'

Bl Morning Glory

Lc Ploenpit Crown

Lc Netrasiri Doll 'lemon yellow'
Lc Netrasiri Doll 'bicentinal'

Otaara Jane Fumiye

Cattleya Intermedia (aquinii 'A' x marginata "Vera")

Lc Green Dragoon

Brassavola Perinii

Rhyncostylish gigantea 'purple'

Epidendrum paniculatum
Epidendrum paniculatum
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6 Responses
  1. MAZA Says:

    Epidendrum paniculatum ...huhu ada lebey?hehe..

  2. I reckon with all the TLC you are giving to them will be well prepared for the Taiping show.

  3. p3chandan Says:

    So many varieties of exotic, beautiful orchids, now wonder you always win prices!

  4. MAZA> Jika ada lebey saya khabar-khabarkan

    Diana> Thank so much for your wishes.

    p3chandan> Thanks for the compliments.

  5. Ron Says:

    Wonderful photos of these beautiful orchids. My space is very limited, so I can't grow anything this large, but I can admire them in your photos.

  6. Ron> Thanks Ron. I also admire your miniature orchids, but I cannot plant here ;-( But I still enjoy them with your great post ;-)