Makarimi Abdullah
Dendrobium species and dendrobium hybrid class in Penang Orchid Show 2010.

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8 Responses
  1. Ron Says:

    Some very striking Dendrobiums, especially that blue-flowered plant - the third picture.

  2. klaraau01 Says:

    So many beautiful treasures! Thank you for sharing

  3. That looks like an amazingly floriferous show! It's amazing so many flowers can occur on one stalk.

  4. One Says:

    They are beautiful. You didn't mention which was is yours.

  5. Beautiful orchids. The more I see, the more I'm surprised at the different varieties and colours, each beautiful in its own way!

  6. Autumn Belle Says:

    Orchids are so gorgeous. I am glad your are showing so many varieties. I can't wait for your next post.

  7. Ron> The third pic is Dendrobium Victoria-reginae, highland dendrobium species.

    klaraau01> Thanks for commenting. The best moment to see the beauty of orchids ;-)

    Appalachian feet> Most of the orchids here, free flowering around the year.

    One> Thanks for commenting. For this event I only participate in Cattleya section. My orchid won for 1st prize (Blc Greenwich), 2nd prize (Lc Varut feastfull and Blc Chyong Guu swan). You can see in the Penang Floral Festival part III.

    Kitchen flavors> There are thousands of orchids varieties, till die we still cannot see all of them. Each orchid have their own beauties ;-)

    Autumn Belle> I happy to share all of them here, need to post part by part. In this event there are around 400 plants take place for the competition.

  8. Awesome pics! could you pls share how to care/make the orchid bear more flowers? any specific orchids foods? and which species are flowering free all year round? Thank you.