Makarimi Abdullah
This show attracts more than 30 exhibitors to exhibits their plant in this show. The total plants entries for this shows are ~400 orchid plants. Here are the pictures for Bulbophyllum class.

In this Orchid show, we needs to create a special class for Coelogyne rochussenii, because there are more than 5 entries for this orchid.

8 entries in Coelogyne rochussenii class

1st prize in Coeloyne rochussenii class
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5 Responses
  1. Ron Says:

    Beautiful Bulbos, but those Coelogynes are amazing.

  2. p3chandan Says:

    Such great beauty, wish I could see them for real!

  3. The Bulbophyllum, are a sideshow, they are wonderful, I have only one Bulbophyllum Louis Sander, but have not seen flowering. Coelogyne the very beautiful, fantastic.

  4. Malar Says:

    So beautiful! Me too would like to see them for real!

  5. Ron> Thanks for commenting. I agree with you Coelogynes are amazing! I also likes the fragrant. Local people call this type of orchid as 'Lady of India'

    p3chandan> Come to Penang Botanical Garden...and you can see the wonderful flowers!

    Valeria> Bulbophyllum is one of my favorite orchid. Maybe your Bulb Louis Sander need more shades. Agree with you Coel. are fantastic!

    Malar> Thanks for commenting. Come to Penang and you can see all those wonderful flowers.