Makarimi Abdullah
Normally end of the year and beginning of the year, every year in Northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, there are so many Orchid Show events. That why my post here this month and next month will shows only the orchid pictures in the Orchid Show event.

For the people who collects and plants the orchid, this is the harvesting time! Why, I say like that?
Here in the Orchid Show, we are competing the beauties of the flower...healthy, freshness and perfects (free decease), are some of the criteria.

If the orchids meet that requirements, she will be awarded as a winner. Of course the winner got a prize and appreciation. As a appreciation with the 1st, 2nd or 3rd, or maybe the Best plant of the show or other appreciations/prizes to the plant. The owner, she/he will take home some cash money!

Rewards = Harvesting time!

If I win in that's like double bonus and happiness to me...
1st, success in planting that orchid to bloom with fantastic flower
2nd, cash money as rewarded for a small gardener like me

For the people outside there...maybe you should try! This is very good hobbies,with some efforts you will rewarded as a winner!

With a few tips and info here, you can start with the easy and tolerance orchid in your garden. I'm happy and glad to assist you!

The Orchid Show info in the side bar, will help you to plan where you can start to take part in this orchid competition. Are you ready? Just let me know....I'm glad to help you.

Happy gardening and Good luck!
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9 Responses
  1. p3chandan Says:

    Wow! Thats a lot of cash, all that your winnings? I guess you feel very satisfied once your orchid is picked as a winner, all your diligence and patience in growing them are finally rewarded right? Ever thought of growing them commercially?

  2. Growing orchids takes a lot of patience and understanding of which I'm lacking. I have done a post of some orchids, maybe you could stop by and help me identify them? Thank you!

  3. Ron Says:

    Wow! Cash prizes! We get ribbons here and an occasional trophy. Great pictures and I hope you won both fame and fortune.

  4. Thats heaps of cash.Pardon my curiosity, how much does first prize usually get? This is a very rewarding hobby.

  5. fer Says:

    It would be great to have some cash prizes. I hope you win even more!

  6. Autumn Belle Says:

    I really love orchids but they are such elusive beauties, very difficult to guess their likes and dislikes and control their flowering.

  7. p3chandan> Not the winning prize money I post here...just got from net. I won prize money around RM1K (USD300) for this year, not so much if compare from previous years. Of course, I feel satisfied with the prizes and appreciation. Its give me more motivation to plant orchids. I'm thinking want to commercially grown after retired ;-), but at the moment also sell my plant through this blog, web and FB.

    kitchen flavors> Yes, growing orchid need patience and understanding them. Last time I just trial-and-error, but now easy to get info with the net and I also bought a lot of orchid books for my reference. Your orchid (ascocenda) really nice and beautiful, she got the criteria to winning the prize if the spiking is long enough.

    Ron> Thanks for the wishes. Last time, here also they gave the ribbon and trophy, but now with new management in orchid society they agree to give cash prize to encourage people take part in this orchid competition.

    Diana> It's true, this is very rewarding hobby. The prize is depends on the sponsorship either by society , private sector or government. If got sponsor the 1st prize for each category can be RM50 to RM300, 2nd RM30-RM200 and 3rd RM10-RM80. Normally if the show is big, they have more than 35 categories. The best plant can be RM3000. If sponsor by the society, the prize money not that big, but still they rewarded you by cash.

    Fer> It's great to get some cash as a reward become a gardener. Thanks for the wishes.

    Autumn Belle> There are a lot of blogs in Malaysia give a good tips in growing orchid. Malaysia are orchids heaven, the tolerate temperature make it easy to grow orchid. I also post some orchid tips in previous post, you can try it. If anything just email me for further information. I'm glad to help you.

  8. Babes Says:

    Wah, sebenarnya saya pun teringin juga nak ikut bertanding.
    Tapi dengan koleksi orkids yang sy ada skrg ni confirm tak layak masuk pertandingan. Nak menang kategori lagi...hmm...mimpi di siang hari.
    Kat Sabah takda la mcm bgni, kat Smenanjung je ada, best la kat sana ni.

  9. Makarimi Says:

    Babes> Apa salahnya boleh saja...jika berpeluang bawa saja orkid yang berbunga tu masuk. Mana tahu ada rezeki boleh menang. Belum cuba celum tahu! Di Sabah dan Sarawak pun ada pertandingan sebegini cuma jarang-jarang di adakan. Pernah juga diadakan pertandingan peringkat antarabangsa lagi...sewaktu dulu di Sabah...saya tak ingat bila masanya tp dlm 6-7 tahun lepas. Saya jarang ikuti perkembangan di sana, mungkin masih ada...cuba-cuba lah risik dengan Persatuan Orkid di sana.